Friday, December 5, 2008


I was going to put pictures on my blog today and thought my camera battery was charging all yesterday. I guess it wasn't because the battery is still exhausted. Stupid. So there it is, one day I will get pictures on here. I hope. Also, congratulations to Amy Clay who is having a baby. Woot.

Second, an update on Jeff. Turns out I have been talking with him on the phone because he is in St. George still from Thanksgiving. Our conversations have been good, but he did tell me it's probably best if we are just friends. He also went on quite a few dates over the break. Wow, didn't waste any time. That's cool. So yeah, it is good he's been dating other people and now I can move on, but I hope to stay friends. He's amazing.

I have been watching lots of movies, but also got some books from the library. Reading has always been a nice fallback plan. By the way, I'm never using this lab computer again because all the keys stick and it's driving me insane. Pictures later.


Amanda Petersen said...

I love your posts! I love how blunt you are about everything. Also I'm so glad to see that Shania's Ka Ching made your play list. That just reminds me of me and you laying out on Kimball Hall's balcony in April. Good times!

Amy Daniels said...

Hey Merilee! How the heck are ya? I am not working at Aspen Grove anymore. I get to stay home with my cute baby. Oh, can you e-mail me your address I want to send you a Christmas card :)

Amy said...

Have you found a job yet? Where you looking? let's do dinner soon