Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Candy? I love candy

This post has nothing whatsoever to do with candy, besides the fact that I love candy. As a blog response to all the lovely readers..thank you for posting comments, I love seeing them. I love all my girls, and any boys who may or may not wander in here just to see what I have been up to.

As an updater, this blog has been wonderful, because now I hardly email anyone at all. Turns out my sister deletes my emails without reading them anyway, so not everyone is missing out. Yesterday I curled my hair, bought some Afrost Gatorade mix, and sent my brother in Portugal a Christmas package. I also visited my Aunt Pam, Uncle Gary, and Grandma Enid in SLC. It was a nice visit and my Uncle Gary gave me some good man advice.

I also called Jeff. I've been missing him and regretting my decision to break up with him. I figured we probably couldn't date again, because he went on three dates over the break and because he told me it was probably best if we stayed friends. When I got back from SLC we went bowling.

Turns out I'm still bad at bowling, it may have been the heavy ball I was using, and Jeff doubled my score on both games we played. However, he did manage to forgo getting a turkey- three strikes in a row- despite all my encouragement, or discouragement on that score. I also forgot to bring socks. Well, it would have been forgetting if I had known we were heading to a bowling alley and didn't wear any. Turns out socks with sandals looks dorky and I've tried jumping out of the dork bowl many times.

I decided against the $2 vending machine socks, and almost retched when pulling my foot out almost took out the entire innard section of the shoe. I should have bought the socks. Anyway, any future foot fungus I will blame on Jeff for picking bowling. Everyone else who bowls wears socks and I know they spray them with fungucide after every use. I'll post if my feet start feeling itchy.

We bowled and I lost. Then a guy from Jeff's Bulgarian mission came and bowled next to us. He was a very nice boy and had a mustache. Man, mustaches kill me. Second round, I lost again. On the way out, we decided there isn't much to do in Provo and went to the movies to see the new James Bond movie.

There's something wonderful about the dim lights of theatres and somehow, Jeff ended up holding my hand. I might have helped him a little. It felt wonderful. I have missed him. It was a good flick and gave some closure to the last JB vid.

Then we went to Jeff's house and played Wii for an hour or so. I am terrible, but still ended up winning a couple tennis rounds, and the overall golf event. Heh. It was fun, we had some good times. Funny, but I missed seeing his roomies too. Guess it is good we all get along.

Since I usually put my relationships into ruination by trying to figure them out, I'm just going to ride this one out. Patience, hmmm. Right now I feel good about it all. Jeff's not going to ask me what we are and I'm certainly not going to ask. Boys, pah.

On a different note, I have gotten an email back from a publisher who wants to buy my book! Hooray! My Dad also said a number of my self addressed envelopes are waiting for me at home and I am excited to read all of the rejection slips when I get there. I guess as long as somebody likes my book I don't care about all the rejection. However, if someone else wants to publish me we'll have to see what kinds of benefits they are willing to offer. It's exciting I've heard from so many so fast! I was expecting it to take months and it has barely been one. Hooray for dreams and aspirations! Now I just need a job to tide me over until I'm a famous authoress...

Looking into my closet you also might note I currently have ten shirts and so many pairs of pants. I also, coincidentally have ten pairs of shoes. Dresses and underwear/socks are a different story. When I go home for Christmas I will be looking into a wardrobe expansion, not huge, just some change.

You may be saddened, or relieved, to find I have given my ninja turtle shirt to DI. I have decided to stop dressing like a ten year old. I believe this goal was made the same day my friend Mike told me he was turning my name in for What not to Wear. I didn't think I was that bad, but I have owned many of my shirts, clothes for close to ten years- not even an exaggeration. It may have coincided with the week my sister told me she was reading a book about how to be a stunner.

Now I'm not willing to wear heels every day of the week, but I am sick of my clothes. I realize certain items of cloth have also given me the look of a chubby four year old when really, I'm not four years old at all. Hmm. So there it is. Bon's pretty excited, but we'll see how far I get. You know I've never been a shopper.

Well then, these posts might be getting longer. I promise, pictures some day will be inputted to enhance this blog. Much love! Merry Christmas!


Katie said...

Connor told me about your blog. I'm happy to be back involved in your world through cyberland. I am a faithful blog reader nowadays. Fun stuff. :)

Christensen family said...

Congrats on your book Mer! I want a signed copy! Good luck with Jeff! Sounds like you still like him... just take it slow and see how it goes! Happy holidays!

Sarah Gessel said...
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Sarah Gessel said...

First of all the book was "How to be Freakin' Fabulous" and 2nd of all. Maybe you should let Mike turn in your name for what not to wear. Then at least you would get free clothes and they would force you to get rid or your old stuff.Come on, I know you're cheap.

And the deleted comment was just removed for a grammar error.