Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Camping out in a hammock-

Joke. I don't camp often. It's too cold at night and everything you own turns smokey smelling. Next time I go camping it will probably be in the warm wilderness. Which doesn't exist, so camping won't happen any time soon. Side note: Tons of people adore camping. Why? I'm not sure.

Funny story. Last week my roomie Megan was asked out by our FHE brother Trent. The previous day, after FHE, the roomies had been talking to our FHE father Kelly. Kelly left, the girls were talking about how wonderful he was and our roomie Karly started talking about how hot Trent was. So Megan said, "Which one is Trent? Is he the idiot?" Right after roomie affirmation, Kelly busted back into our house.

Mouths agape, the roomies asked if he'd heard what they said? He said no, but pressed for details. Megan just said, "Oh, we were discussing how wonderful you are and I called Trent an idiot." Kelly then responded, "Trent is an idiot." He left.

The next day Trent called Megan and asked her on a date. When she got off the phone, she asked roomie Julene which FHE brother Trent was. She said, "Is he the idiot?" Yep. They went to dinner and stared at the paint for an hour. Then both went to study groups.

Yesterday we found out Trent had asked Kelly for Meagan's phone number. There are two Megans in our FHE group and he was asking for the other Meagan's digits. Kelly didn't realize this.

However, when Trent asked where she lived, Kelly said Regency 309. Trent said, "No, she lives in Middle Caimbridge." Kelly said no, she lives in Regency. Then Trent realized what had happened and was pretty mad. Turns out he didn't have a study group afterwards, he took his friend to the performance he had tickets for. Impossible to say, but I'm pretty sure love was not in the air.

Funny because: Karly got jealous of Megan's date with Trent because she had already put dibs on him, Megan called Trent an idiot twice (she later said he wasn't a complete idiot, she found out on the date), we had decided Trent had asked her out to prove he wasn't an idiot. Turns out he is a lazy idiot.

I tried doing my taxes today and found out you need another form to fill out if you have a Roth IRA. I have a Roth IRA. The BYU free tax is booked until forever so I can't get it done for free there. I had to pay extra taxes last year because UT wanted any taxes AK didn't take from my paychecks. I also have to pay more to get my state taxes done online. Stupid. Especially since I probably owe taxes again.

My brother Canute and I are working on my Australia greatest job in the world movie application. It's due Sunday, but we're going to try and finish it Wednesday. I need to scan some pictures for it. Wouldn't that be awesome?!? He's going to do some kind of cool animation thread. I'd help him, but I don't know how to do those things.

We had a ward dance Friday night and I brought Jeff. First I had to scan some things in the HBLL. Then, an hour later, we went to the Wilk dance. There was a BYU sponsored dance and we couldn't find the ward dance. Finally it was found, I stopped freaking out, and I spread some sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting. I had six, they were individually delicious.

Jeff was sitting at a table with some people, including my roomie Julene. He was asking magic 8 ball questions with some weird guy sitting at the table who wasn't in our ward. He looked older and kept asking me what I was doing Vday.

I kept telling him I was busy. He asked me out at least six times. Jeff and I were dancing, the guy was passing, and he told the guy he could cut in. I told Jeff I hated him. The guy cut in and asked me out again. I said my boyfriend and I had plans. Then he suggestively asked why my boyfriend wasn't there. I said he was the boy I'd been dancing with. He still ended up asking me out two more times. I thought girls with boyfriends were immune to weirdos.

I am no longer immune. Valentines Day we broke up. It was mutual, but Jeff initiated it. He said if I was going to Germany the end of March and we were breaking up anyway, we might as well break up that day. I suppose that's wise.

He also said he's not getting any younger, 7 months is like asking someone to wait for them on a mission, and he felt like he was in the way of my plans. I said I didn't have any plans. He said we didn't have to close any doors, but we should break up. I said if we didn't love each other after 4 months it probably wasn't going to happen. He also said he didn't feel as though we'd progressed any since our last breakup. All true.

We discussed all this before dinner. I cried. I'm content with the decision, but sad someone so wonderful will be moving on without me. Oh well, I'm moving on as well. We still ate dinner at Tepanyaki and made Valentine's for people afterwards. My roomies didn't even know we were broken up. Surprise, Happy Vday!

I asked him if he would still come over. He said yes, if I'd let him. Yep. So we might still hang out, but now all the creepers in the world will be looking out for me. Perfect. I was nervous about future plans with a semi-boyfriend in the back of my mind. Breaking up cleared this out for me. Nice.

It's for the best. Now I'm trying to reflect on my life and figure out what to do with all my fantastic talents.


Sarah Gessel said...

Hey Mer,
I love to read your blog. Even my husband who doesn't usually read blogs, is caught reading over my shoulder your funny stories.

Christensen family said...

Sorry about the 'boy' drama in your life. Your definitely one TeRrIfIc gal! I want to know more about this movie in Australia. Are you trying out for a part? You never cease to amaze me girl! Love ya!