Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Are you sure you want to do this? Read this fantastic blog again and again? Well, here goes then.

I have decided to go gradding. Meaning, I have decided to attend grad school. Thank you Heather Beck for the inspiration. Now, I need to figure out where to go. I have been looking around for the last couple days, trying to decide on specifics. Some of my options include: New Zealand- I looked into it, I will let you know what I decide, Houston TX, and BYU. I know, I'm not being specific enough. I will research more and fill you in on all of it later, when I actually have any decisions made on the subject.

I wrote my bro Grant, who's in Portugal on a mission, today. It's been a while and I feel bad about it, because I'm apparently his most dedicated writer and I've even been slacking on writing him. I told him about the sad breakup and the funny stories on my last blog. It turned out to be a two page double sided letter. Congratulations Grant, I found news in my boring life to write you about.

Third, I told my FHE father Kelly my roomie Julene likes him. Julene doesn't have any sort of crush on him as of yet, but we will cultivate the crush in her and nuture it to bloom phase. I would also like to add Julene is in my brother Canute's German class and they just figured that out last week. Apparently it has never come up before, even though I'm her favorite room roommate, and his favorite sister.

Fourthly, the weather today is getting chilly again and I'm wearing shorts anyway. Take that wind. Rhyme yourself out of this cold winter playground. I also found out my great friend Nathan Albrechtsen is engaged. My friend found out from facebook and mentioned it to me. Bah.

Turns out I'm going to be in Germany when this joyous April 25th event occurs. Bollux. The high note on this travesty is I won't be bawling my eyeballs out at his wedding. I do that. I'm a crying idiot. Ask every one of my siblings. It's completely embarrassing and completely true.

However, thanks to my friend Julia, my four polish layered toenails look exquisite. I believe this might possibly be all the news I've got for this weekly post of MERILEE AND HER CRIPPLINGLY BORING LIFESTYLE. Changes will occur in the near future guaranteed. I am giong on a group date Friday and my friend Amelia wants to set me up with her friend John some time soon.

We are MFEO- made for each other- because, get this, we both dislike all the dumb cartoons everyone else loves that come out all the time. I know, sick, but I didn't really enjoy the Incredibles, Kung Fu Panda, and/or WallE. Dumb, all dumb. They have funny lines, but for some reason, I don't enjoy them as much as everyone else I know. Unfortunately, people judge me because of it.

Like this handsome boy in my ward named Charlie. He loves those movies. He did not like Limeny Snicketts: A Series of Unfortunate Events, which I happened to love, even if I'm not sure how to spell it. This may even be my current favorite movie. On the movie plane, we are not soul mates. This is why Amelia thinks John and I are MFEO. I will let you know if he lands in the book or not, but I kind of hope he's normal. Well, normal like me. So crazy. Yeah, so THAT'S all I've got. Love you! Mer


TPlayer said...

I did not like Wall-E. I only saw a part of KungFu Panda at the gym, and I wasn't interested in seeing the rest. I liked the Incredibles. Can we still be friends? I must confess I'm a "Monster,Inc". fan!

PS..We should have a "double set up" date together soon. That could be crazy fun. No Parasites please

~*Alina*~ said...

Oh, Mer... you are always so entertaining! PS. I am retty sure it is Lemony Snicketts.

Amanda Petersen said...

This is very enlightening. I had no idea you felt that way about the incredibles. Wall-E and Kung Fu Panda I can totally understand...but come on...when Mr. Incredible says he's not strong enough to lose his family....that's a tear jerker. But then again you don't like Christmas music either (or at least you didn't) except for Forgotten Carols. Interesting....but I do enjoy reading your blog. It makes me laugh!