Thursday, February 5, 2009

You know you're bored when...

You check out a book on the GRE and GMAT and take the pretests for fun. Maybe not for fun, maybe just to see how well I would do and maybe prep for them a little bit, but it's definitely something to pass the time.

I've been finding books, but some are better than others. I recently reread the Witch of Blackbird Pond. I also read a book about a journalist who's identity was borrowed by a guy who supposedly killed his wife and 3 children. It's interesting, but I still don't know if the man killed them or not. I will let you know when I finish the book if he tells me or not.

Saturday I went to Jeff's house and we were going hottubbing/swimming. I don't usually do that, but my roomie wanted to go and it sounded like a good idea. Cyndi decided not to go when she realized it would just be me, her, and Jeff. I don't know why, I told her I wouldn't sit by him. She said then she would be sitting by him. Whatever. I ended up going over myself and we went to the clubhouse anyway. When we got to the building, the pool and tub were drained and drilled. Somebody overlooked a construction notice on the pool/hot tub.

It was terribly disappointing. Instead we went to the Marriott Hotel to swim. I felt guilty, but apparently Jeff does it all the time. First we knocked on the back door, but nobody was swimming. So we walked through the lobby, waved to the receptionist, and walked downstairs. We didn't have a room key, so we couldn't get in. Jeff said he'd go ask the receptionist to let us in. I was too embarrassed to go up. I didn't want to get kicked out.

He didn't get the receptionist, he found a random man with a mustache to let us in. I don't know what he told the guy, but he let us into the pool. I asked him what exactly he said to the guy but he wouldn't tell me. The only thing he said was they talked about where they were from and the guy let us in. Hmmm. It was good to swim around though. Now every time I shower I smell chlorine. I think initially I noticed the smell because I was trying to see if I still smelled like chlorine, but it is definitely the water from the tap I smell now.

Yesterday I went to a fiesta my friends were having. We brought 7 layer dip. I'm glad we brought something, because I would have felt dumb otherwise. Every person there brought something. There were enchiladas, tamales, and mexican drinks. It was a good time. Then we played family cranium, which ends quite fast. The other team won, b/c when you get on squares with stars, you can go double the rolls and they got a bunch of high rolls. The board wasn't very long.

Tonight is institute night and after institute, we are going 80's dancing. I can't wait. I love 80's dancing. There's just something inspiring about the music of that era. I think that's about it for me.

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