Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cactus foot-

I don't know what I just stepped on, but I cannot find it. Every other step feels like a stabbing prickle in the bottom of my foot. And the dumb dog keeps barking for no reason. He has been put into his box. It seems Prince is going ever increasingly into his box. It could be because it's cold outside, so I'm not walking him as much and he's going crazy. He's bored with his doggy toys, he needs adventure. 

The dog is insane. He ate a vial of blue dye the other day and drooled blue onto the carpet and vinyl. I think one day Danielle may kill Prince in a fit of rage. Until that day, I will be forever wishing he was not scooping hairballs and dental floss from the bathroom trash cans and stepping in his own waste after emptying himself. He seems to be lacking in certain coordination skills. I can't teach him such things, they are beyond my grasp. In Europe, my eating skills have gone exponentially downhill. Amongst other things...

Today I almost fell off the biking trail and died. It was not a narrow biking trail, nor a steep trail. Mostly, I wasn't paying attention, and hurtled off the side. Unfortunately, the bank was steep. Fortunately, the part I flew down was  padded. I ended up getting some mud on my striped pink sparkle socks and on my grey capris. It was a small price to pay for life.

Second, we biked 8 miles. I'm not a great biker, but apparently mountain bikes are harder to utilize on straightaways. That made me feel better about myself. Danielle and I were the tail end of the excursion. The other half of our exercise group went another 9 miles, I'm glad my cousin D and I are not exercise obsessed and stopped so we could use our day more effectively. I have a busy life that cannot be trivialized by such things as obsessive amounts of exercise. No matter, my legs are getting quite trim from the daily exertions of this newest fad. 

I ended the book I was reading, "Ender in Exile" the next book in the Ender series and we went grocery shopping. It seems to mean more and more to me when I meet people and actually do things worthwhile, but I've also come to appreciate the off days. Errands get done and I get to spend another day with my inspirational cousin. 

I also signed up for the underground tunnel tour of Bamberg. I've heard it's cool, but still don't know from experience. I'll let you know after Thursday. I am supposed to bring a flashlight, but all I've got is this little pen light. We'll see if it's any use. If I meet any nice young men with flashlights, that will be another benefit to tripping with base members. 

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