Friday, May 15, 2009

Sorry about the mac formatting, here's my Euro trip update-

ravel is good. Today my enthusiasm is waning a bit. I'm sure 
tomorrow, when we bungee jump, it will 
return. I read someplace that there are really friendly people who need 
alone time to recharge. I think I 
need that alone time now.

So I am in Switzerland right now, checking my email at the train station. I 
am with the bags. We had them 
in a locker, but we had to get a phone number out of the bags, so we 
took them out again. The locker was 
8 francs, so 7 bucks roughly. I don't care to shop, so I said I'd sit 

It's pretty rainy today. Overall travel has been crazy. We started in 
Bamburg Germany. We went to the 
train station after sacrament meeting, Danielle dropped us off. Then it 
occurred to me I might need the 
passport I had not taken from my dresser. So I had to run back to the 
church from the train station and 
get back onto the army base and go back to the train station.

I also couldn't figure out where Danielle's other house key is, so she told 
me to just ask the neighbor for 
her copy when I get back. So felt pretty dumb Sunday. Plus, my period 
started, so I was kind of moody.

We took the train to Munich and walked around there for the day. It was 
pretty, we wandered until we 
were starving, got some donor kebabs to eat. Then we wandered 
around some more. Munich was a 
great city to explore. That night we took a train to Paris. We've taken 
quite a few night trains on this trip. 
You have to pay about 20 euros to ride them, but then you don't have to 
worry about finding a hostel and 
losing a day to travel. It's a good idea when you don't have much time.

We stayed on a guy named Pax's couch in Paris. We utilized a system 
called couch surfing. You stay at 
people's houses for free. They register on a site and you stay with 
them. We are doing that tonight in 
Switzerland as well. Tomorrow we got bungee jumping 250 meters or 
so. I'm pretty nervous about it, but 
we'll surely have lots of fun.

After we got to Pax's house in Paris, we ate some pastries and saw the 
sights. We saw Notre Dame, the 
Louvre- for free 99 since we're all under the age of 25. Tip to everyone, 
if you can travel before you hit 25 
it's much cheaper than after. The eurail pass for trains is more 
expensive after that b/c they figure you're 
not a poor student anymore.

We saw the Eiffel tower and climbed the stairs to the second floor. We 
saw it during the daylight hours 
and right after dark. We ended up back home at midnight b/c we had 
some trouble locating the metro near 
the Eiffel tower. When climbing the Eiffel tower stairs, we also had a 
sickness come over us. It's called 
"No more stairs." Yes yes, I'm sure you understand, but I figured it 
would never get me b/c I'm in pretty 
good shape these days. I was wrong, it got me.

The next day we took the train to Versailles. They have a fountain show 
at the palace of Versailles so we 
paid 6 Euros to see the fountain water show. Colton wanted to see a 
certain fountain called Neptune or s/t 
but the water wasn't on there. We walked quite a distance, the garden is 
quite large. We walked back to 
the rest of the fountains...and the water turned off. Then we walked 
around the garden with no water until 
5:30, when we unwittingly missed the time when Neptune's fountains 
were going. Quite disappointing. The 
gardens were lovely and had a plethora of statues and fountains 

We couldn't enter the palace either, b/c we only had 30 minutes until it 
closed and the cost was 10 Euros, 
even though we'd only have 30 min inside. So we felt ok skipping that 
cost b/c we'd seen similar rooms in 
the Louvre. That's what the Louvre rooms were fashioned after yes? 

We also got lost in the Louvre. We couldn't find our way out at the end of 
the day. We heard the 
announcements and couldn't figure it out. Finally we found our way, but 
it took forever. Lost in 
Mesopotamia or some such place. My favorite part of the Louvre was 
the mummy section. Cool to the 

In between all these little excursions we've been stopping to eat pastries 
along the way. They've been 
quite delicious I tell you. All the cities have been beautiful and the 
weather has been cool, but fine. After 
Paris we headed to Barcelona.

Tons of people told us how cool Barcelona was, so we decided to bolt 
down there for two days. There 
were tons of cool frescos and crushed plates combined know 
what they're called. The parks 
and buildings there were amazing. Barcelona had rainy, but warm 
weather also. Many palm trees grew 
there as well. It reminded me of Las Vegas at times.

The next day we went to a cool beach South of Barcelona called 
Sitches. I think that's what it's called. It 
was rainy when we first got there, but we decided to investigate the 
beach anyway b/c we heard it was 
ideal. It was, the rain stopped, and although it was cloudy, we had a 
grand day at the beach. We also tried 
taking pictures of this butcher shop with cow legs with the hoof still 
attached, but they told us no pictures. 
We snuck a picture on the way back from the outside of the building.

I'll post pictures when I get back. I didn't bring the connection. I bought 
stamps for the last four postcards 
Mom's class needs from me but I can't find a post office and they've 
been a huge pain to mail. I'll mail 
them when I find a blasted post office.

On our night train last night we roomed with a girl named Denise. Her 
brother was in the room with Colton, 
my roomie Jasmyn's brother who also came traveling with us. Denise's 
brother looks like my Ken doll. 
He's quite an attractive man. Anyway, they were both great to talk to. 
Denise is a hs chemistry teacher. 
She's single and 28 and figured this would be a good time in her life to 
see Europe with her brother Andy.

We also had a visit in our cabin from a boy named Eric. I saw him on my 
way into the train and ran into an 
old man b/c I wasn't paying attention to anything else. He laughed and 
asked if I was American. I said, 
"Yes, just a stupid American." He said, "Hey, me too." I felt dumb, so I 
got on the train. He was quite 

Turned out he was in the room right next to ours. He's taking a break 
from Paris b/c he was there for a 
film festival. He helped construct the 20 foot model of the transformer 
Bumble bee and had nothing to do 
in Paris. He decided to travel a bit instead of sitting in Paris the whole 
time. He was terribly interesting. He 
flew helicopters for a while and ended up doing groundwork for movies 
b/c he said helicoptering over 
Egypt is really dangerous. 

That's about it for the trip so far. Today it's rainy. Tomorrow it's 
supposed to rain. We've seen   many cool 
things and despite the rain are having the time of our lives. When I have 
again revitalized I will feel the 
grand profound creativity of travel again. I cannot wait to start working 
on my mission papers. If anyone 
knows of someone looking for a good car, my saturn still has a year of 
warranty on it. I'm going to look 
into selling it. Seems like the thing to do if Saturns are being 
discontinued. It's a good car, but if I'm leaving 
for a year and a half, that might be a good idea. So yeah, that's my life 


Sarah Gessel said...

I love me some kebabs. And Mer if you're in or near Geneva, don't forget to eat the pastry success. They look like hockey pucks covered with chocolate, so basically follow your instinct. But don't get the kind filled with praline. Chocolate all the way.

~*Alina*~ said...

Mer, your in-depth story makes me feel like I never miss a beat of your life. Holy cow. You write so much! But I enjoy it. How's your book dealy coming along?


TPlayer said...

I personally love that you write so much. It's perfect. Why write at all if you aren't going to tell the whole story, right? Yay for Doner Kebabs and double yay for attractive guys. (Too bad you find good looking Americans in Europe-that's lame-they should come home)..also Booo for not being able to take pictures at the carniceria in Barcelona. You should have gone to Madrid-they'll let you take pictures there :)