Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I've got some pictures-

There are many pictures you have been wishing to see on my camera. So here are a couple. Deane wanted to see those boys I was crushing on. Here are a couple.

This first picture is of me, Brian McEwen, Peggi Taken, and some crazy amounts of salmon berries. Look how our clothes match. Cool huh? We're obviously really good at picking berries.

This was taken on the evening whale watch we attended a couple weeks ago. This is me, Nick Coppola, and Ted McGuire. What a fantastic picture. So yes, this is it. Oh, and Julie is in this last one.

On the other hand, this is a picture of my wrist after I hit it on a rock picking more of those innocent looking salmon berries. Though very deep when it happened, you can't really see its severity in this picture. Oh well, so eat your heart out..


Jasmyn said...

Mer you look so good. also nick looks so good. he is a jerk for using his good looks to torture you. bah!

*liSa* said...

Whale watching? not as fun as nude bathing, but I guess it will due! haha
Your pictures are so exciting to look at! I'm slightly jealous!

Lissbeth said...

Hey, Merilee. You have a blog. Guess what? I have one TOO!