Monday, July 27, 2009

This ones for you-

I love the movie Becoming Jane and all the Jane Austen movies out there really. I'm a chunk of cheesy romance pie. It's pretty sick. I mean come on, one can only eat so much cheese.

I raced my first race Saturday. I ran up the tram trail. I went with two boys I work with named Nick and Dave. I felt alright on the road, but when we got to the trailhead I started panting really hard and Nick charged ahead. Not before he told me I'd do great and he'd see me at the top. I ended up walking really hard the whole way. It was 3.5 miles. I could have done it, if it hadn't been completely vertical.

Big D, you know what I'm talking about, I thought about you on that trail run, since if you'd been there we could have power walked it together. It didn't even have flat stretches. I was rasping the whole mountain race. A group of 9 year old boys totally skunked me. I found out later they skunked everyone, but I was feeling pretty lamesauce when I saw them descending before I even reached the top.

I ate 5 donuts the day before. I had eaten one at breakfast and four at work. I didn't feel fantastic that day, but the next three days I felt even worse. I felt like a donut. Ugh. Nasty. I'm still getting those donuts out of my body. I had no idea donuts would make me feel so vile for so long. No idea. Never eating s donuts again.

Despite my race catastrophe Saturday, I still signed up to do the half marathon Saturday. I'm a sicko, yes, a complete sicko. I'll start at 8 am and run probably three hours. Then I work that afternoon at 4 pm. I hope I don't get too tired, b/c I'll still have 7 hours of work to do. Boo.

I cantalope.

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Danielle M said...

Straight up a mountain??? Wow! I would never have that kind of courage. But you were always the best among us for taking on the hills with your powerful stride. I've taken a few weeks off to let my calf heal. It's not working so I started running again anyway. Can't believe how freakin' hard it is! I think I must be addicted to those power jelly beans. Running without them is so tough now.

So, you're doing the half marathon. I'm not cause the one in Sept is on a Sunday. And no one from the group is running together anymore so it is hard to keep going without a running buddy. Two or three miles and I think - well, that was pretty hard, so I guess I'm done for today. Of course, we used to always feel that way on the LONG runs too, but we had to keep going to stay with the group. There's something to that group motivation thing, I think.

Well, hang in there, Big M, and email me your phone number so I can chat with you sometime. Miss you!!