Friday, December 11, 2009

I fell off the back of my truck yesterday-

Yes, I'm sure you are thinking, "No Merilee, that's improbable and impossible. Budget trucks are very high up and you would have been broken to pieces if that happened." And you would be right.

However, since I'm super and someone loves me intensely, I am alright except for a huge bruise on my left knee. Please ask to see it, that's the only benefit of a constant bruising pain- showing people. It is a honkin' bruise. I took a picture of it. To be posted when I'm not on this dumb computer that doesn't upload pictures correctly from my camera.

The event occurred Thursday around 11 am, in the library, with a wrench. No, in the FedEx parking garage with a clumsy. I was just starting my route, because I had just received a truck. Usually I start earlier and have 65 stops. Thursday I had 75 stops and started way later than usual. I was panicked. So I literally threw those boxes in, jumping in and out of my truck like lightning.

A guy from the office helped me out by putting boxes onto the truck, so I wouldn't have to leap so much. Then, when the boxes were all in, I stepped down from the truck. However, I didn't put my foot on the step. Instead, I put my foot on air and stepped out of the truck. My body tilted and fell three solid feet. This is when I landed like a cat on the cement floor, dusted with 1/4" layer of dirt. I stayed in that position for about a minute, trying to feel for any significant hurts.

Then I moved my pained body to a sitting position and sat on my bum for a second. I felt really sick, like I was going to throw up. I think it was felt very much like the anticipation I feel for certain dates. Anyway, I didn't throw up. I also didn't break anything. Thank goodness!

Weirdly enough, not one of the five guys in the area saw me fall out of the truck. Not even the guy helping to load my truck. He didn't even know I'd fallen. I'd love to see it on tape though. I'm sure it was choice footage. I refuse to do it again, but if someone happened to tape me I would enjoy watching it.

My boss, JT, did see me sprawled on the ground by the truck, so he inferred I had fallen out. He kept asking me if I was ok, if I needed to see a dr., or if I'd hit my knee etc. I did hit my knee, but I could still walk and I didn't think anything was broken. It was nice to know people cared. I jogged to the bathroom and felt alright.

Later that night, after I'd given ten boxes away to an early finisher, a permanent driver named Jesse came to help me. He wasn't getting paid, he just helped me finish my route in three hours of darkness. We had a good time. Today I gave him some toffee my mom made for Christmas. I put it on his truck seat. I wanted to be sneaky about it..but I didn't know which one was his truck. Soooo, that's that.

Oh, but what I was going to say, was I ran to a door for deliverance and the sidewalk had black ice on it and I totally wiped out and blew my other knee. I wanted to swear at the man coming outside to get his package because of his saltlessness, but my knees would still hurt and I'd get a complaint lodged against me. Stupid. Pot stirrer. Man.

So one of my knees has a gargantuan bruise on it today and the other I can only bend halfway. It may be a while before I go running. Course I run all day every day anyway, so it's not like I really need to make special plans to run. But yes, my knees hurt today. And the huge bruise on my left knee keeps banging into stuff, like the hitch on the back of my Budget truck, so that smarted all day long. Boo.

Just know, when I type boo, I always think, "Boo. You whore." From mean girls. I know, ridiculous, but it flashes through every time. I would like to think my blog is a family blog though, so I don't write it. Not that anyone under the age of 18 actually reads blogs, but if they wanted to, they could read mine. I suppose. Wow. I'm rambling.

Also, my arms feel like I played tennis on them for three hours yesterday. Or something. I guess that's what happens when big impacts happen. But I've got a big arm bruise too. Very cool to have an angel watching over me, because seriously, I could have been hurt pretty badly after falling off my truck onto my hands and knees.

Anything else exciting happen to me? Well, my brother Grant has been in Portugal on a church mission for two years. He gets back tonight. We are leaving for the airport in thirty minutes.

Today I also found all my packages with minimal getting lostedness and found a place by looking at the map they gave me and delivered it. Hooray, I'm a real FedEx winner! Hooray. Also, I was going to take a day off for getting my car fixed, but the place is closed on weekends. So I'm taking the day off and cleaning the church, going to the farewell luncheon of a girl getting married in my branch, and getting to my second stake president interview on time- none of which could have been done if I was working Saturday. Woot. Bruise picture soon. Love you, my sweethearts!


Sarah Gessel said...

I'm so glad that you didn't get too banged up. I know that's something that could happen to me(insert water spout into my back)

I love you!

Amanda Petersen said...

MER! You have to be much more careful with yourself. I'm glad you're okay but sorry that you're in pain. I also am glad that you are a fedex winner now! Hazzah!

And yes...Ben's engaged! He's been engaged for a while actually...come on Mer get up on the times please! J/k but I am excited for him.

Christensen family said...

Poor, poor Merilee! You gave me a good laugh though, so I thank you for that. You are quite a fun gal! Miss you!