Sunday, December 6, 2009


I spit all the time when I run. And stuff. On a completely different note, I did find this dress in our attic and wore it to church. Unfortunately, my brother is no expert picture taker. So this is what I've got.

This week was kind of a rough week for driving around. I just drove around and around yesterday. I had to call Frank like five times. Two hours later I was dropping off my first package. Lame. Frank's great though. The fifth time I called him, he stayed on the phone with me and talked me through the exits. Exits and highways in KC suuuuck.

So I was really tired...and went to bad after all the dishes were done and I'd eaten some soup. That was after the adult session for Conference.


Sandy Brunson said...

Um...that dress is about the awesomest thing I've ever seen. I love that you wore it to church. Awesome!

Kristie said...

I am 100% on Sandy's team. The dress is fabo. You're gorgeous. And a real kick in the pants. I miss you, Mer.

Amanda Petersen said...

1) I love that your title for the post is Spitting and there's one random sentence about your spitting habits. 2) I love that when I came to your blog...Ka'ching by Shania came up. I was seriously transported to the balcony at heritage halls the day we were was April and I'm pretty sure we did not get one OUNCE of sun. I'm also sure that we were scantily clad and one of the FHE brothers might have come over. It made my day to remember that!