Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My little brother Joshy wrote this poem-

I, of course, asked his permission to put it on here, but I found it the other day and thought it was quite touching.


Perfection comes in human form, though most people doubt it.
In fact it comes in woman form, though most don't realize it.

She's like the sun in many ways, for one, the time when she's away, the stars shine brighter but can't compare, with deep brown eyes and shiny hair.

She speaks with too much modesty, and thinks that she speaks honestly. She thinks she's fat and looks so bad, she says it often. It makes me sad.

If she knew what's clear to see, if she could see what's clear to me, with her voice like music singing, her beauty outshines everything.

Her lips quite perfect, and eyes so bright, she walks around a pillar of light. Where darkness does abound, she makes many turn around.

She may just be in human form, and she may think that she's a worm, but she outshines even the sun. I think that maybe she's the one.

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