Monday, February 15, 2010

Bathroom humor-

The other day Zach Migel was walking into a portojohn next to the bus stop at Whistler town center. It didn't have a lock, so he wouldn't use it. I said I would, "Stand watch." Zach said, "But I don't want you to stand and watch." Funny Zach.

Then Emily went in and I stood watch. A guy tried to go in. I told him it was in use. He asked if I was going to use it. I said, "No, it is currently being used. There is someone already using it." Then he asked if he could use it. I held the door and said there was a person using it. Then he walked away and I suspiciously stood guard for a little longer.

The next day, I was in the cafeteria. I needed a drink of water. I walked back to one of the cafeteria bathrooms around the corner. Much to my dismay, there was a man in the release position with the door wide open. I had one foot in the door, one foot out. I thought, "I should go." My weight changed feet.

Then I thought, "But the door's open, I'm thirsty. SURELY he wouldn't care if I just filled up my cup." Weight changed to other foot. Then I thought, "Merilee, it doesn't matter, he is standing there, peeing. Get out." Finally, only after my weight had changed four times, and my mind had walked me through this all, did I leave. Awkward. Shouldn't I have just bolted? Yeah. Figures.

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