Friday, February 26, 2010

Larger than life-

Everyone knows that true stories are often more interesting than fiction. An event happened to me last week that quite shocked me. And well, my life seems to be a win. So here goes.

I was transporting an older man from a venue to our community village. He had a slicked back blonde mullet and a mustache. We talked about many things on our 20 minute trip. I can say with full confidence we were not flirting by any standard, I was talking to him as a bored bus driver to a rider.

Anyhow, we got onto the subject of my mission. He said, "Oh, so you're mormon." He then talked to me about his daughter who dated an LDS guy for a while who wasn't against a beer every now and then. I told him an active member would not do that. He then asked me how sex figures into all that.

I said it didn't really because we didn't do it outside the bonds of marriage. He said, "Well, don't you ever get curious." I said, "Sure, but that doesn't mean I can't exercise some self control until I get married." He then said, "So it would probably be out of the question for say, sometime later today?" I said, "Yeah, most definitely out of the question." He hopped off my bus, because we were at Rainbow Village and I sat there. Stunned. WTH?

I think that's the most blatant proposal I've ever gotten from a complete stranger. He was probably about 45 years old. Wow. Anyway, I didn't report him for sexual harrassment because I don't know his name and he's never talked to me before or after that. He waves at me when I enter the cafeteria. I wave back and plow to a different table. Creepy.

I went to a concert by the Frey last week. Pretty cool to be right there, but I've never been an avid concert goer. I like concerts, but it's freezing cold outside. I've been going to them because it's a great opportunity. Barenaked Ladies-didn't go, had to work, The Frey, All American Rejects, Galactica, and many more, all a 10 minute ride on the shuttle and completely free. I think tomorrow we have Usher performing. Very cool.

Since I usually work the 4:15 or 4:45 am shift, I have afternoons and nights free to see the cool programs they have to offer in Whistler. They have musicians playing pretty much all day every day.

Yesterday, instead of napping, I saw Galactica- a jazz band I'd never heard of. I went with Chris Hebb b/c he said they were awesome. They were good and also very loud. We knew some people drinking at one of the outdoor heated cafe areas and they convinced us to come sit with them. I didn't have my id with me, just my accredidation with my picture and job title-bus driver.

You can't be a driver until you're 21 years old, but the guy still wouldn't let me in. The guy turned his head to talk with someone else and his co-bouncer let me in. Then we sat down and didn't order anything, so the waittress told her cohort who was two feet away from me they'd just gotten two squatters. So I felt uncomfortable and left. Chris wanted to dance, so he went to the square which made it easier for me to leave.

The band was really loud. Their instruments: a keyboard, two electric guitars, a saxophone, and a trombone. So that's the fillet from my day.


Sarah Gessel said...

Is that the fish dish?

Lindsey said...

This made my day. What a skeevy perv.