Monday, February 8, 2010

Piles of rocks mean magic-

This morning Emily and I went out into the circle and saw two huge piles of rocks. These rocks were brought to fill in any mud holes made by all the rain we get here and to cover the mud. Obviously. This may surprise you, since I live in Whistler BC and we should be getting lots of snow because the people upstairs know the Olympics are here this winter. However, it seems the rain has taken over the clouds and it rains almost every day and has snowed twice since I've been here. I've been here about three weeks.

It seems the snow is getting slushy and less desirable to ski and snowboard in. That's ok for me, since I'm not a winter sports fanatic, but sad for the Olympians who will have to make do until some white help comes. I've also heard they've been helicoptering snow in to improve conditions for Olympians. Good luck with that Olympic committee.

I would like to do a shoutout to the many beautiful women I know who are having babies this year. Adrienne, Amanda, Ali, Kimberly, Emily. I'm pretty sure Aman is closest to having that baby..something like today. Aman, I cannot wait to see that baby. Cutest baby in the world no doubt. Emily is due next week. Emily, Sally will be so excited to have a little brother she won't even care he's getting all the attention. Babies can't make snowmen with their daddies after all.

I can't imagine all the tiresome days and sickly mornings and wish you all the happiest wellness in your baby harvesting endeavors. Everybody loves the fruit of those labors.

On a completely different note, I saw an island called Victoria last week. We went for three days and stayed in a hostel. Emily, Seth, and I went instead of going to Seattle. My reasoning was since we're in Canada, we should see a bit of Canada. We got a new shipment of drivers, so we had a couple days off the schedule so they could learn the ropes.

As previously guessed, we have been working about half as much as we were before. We still get paid for working 5 days a week, but we usually work about 2-3 days a week. I'm not working until 10:45 tonight and I'm only doing one run. Which will total about an hour and a half of work for the day. Sunday we had off. We missed Church because the connecting bus doesn't go to the stop we needed on Sundays. Instead I volunteered to prepare a lesson and we talked about Prayer.

Oh, Victoria. We took a bus to a bus to a ferry to a bus. Seven hours later we were in Victoria. That morning bus I sat behind Sarah-Dawn, the new driver, to give her some direction on where to go. The guy sitting next to me kept telling me stuff. Like he told me he needed to take his coat off. Ok. Then he told me he needed to eat something because he had a long shift and had missed breakfast. Ok.

He said he was going to the toilet in the back of the bus to eat. Ok. He climbed over me, three times. He came back and told me he needed to nap but there were plenty of seats in the back of the bus which were empty. Ok. I wanted to say, "Listen Man! If you want to sit yourself in the back of the bus, do it, but quit giving me a play by play of your life and stop telling me to move. OK?!!" What I actually did, was go to the back of the bus until the end when I needed to help SD drive into Vancouver.

Which I don't know why I bothered because 4 other people were telling her directions. Thank you, yes, we all know there are millions of streets in Vancouver down which you may take a bus. I got soooo frustrated with all the idiots that we missed our turn because some guy was directing her to the wrong place and another driver finally sat right next to her on the ground and told her the turning directions so the others were background directors. Ugh. I hate stupid people. I dislike men that think I am inept because I am a woman. Ugh.

On the bus in Victoria we sat by a high schooler who was talking on his phone to fellow students about drug dealing. Apparently he was their dealer and he was getting frustrated about the sacrifices he was making for naught for them. So sad. Also, on our trip we saw many people doing drugs. Very sad.

We also saw an owl pellet while walking through the woods. Very cool. Picked up some rocks on the beach. Nice. Saw the tallest totem pole in the world. It had a bald eagle on top of it..roosting. We ate at a Thai restaurant, the Sour Pickle for breakfast, a noodle place for dinner, and then Floyd's. The food we had was good. The noodles were not super the day after we got it, so we ended up tossing them.

We walked through many streets and saw many cool totem poles, fiberglass eagles, and whales. See Seth Coombs' albums with me in them on facebook. Neat.

I guess that's about all we did in Victoria. I spend a lot of time with Emily and Seth. When someone has a long shift and we have nothing to do, we'll sometimes ride along with that person. It's the cool thing to do. We watch many movies and eat a lot here. It's like an MTC for slackers. We eat all the time and instead of being terribly busy, are terribly bored. I try to enjoy it now though, since when I'm in the MTC I will surely be tired all the time.


Hebbs said...

OH thanks for the update of what my husband might be doing....I work so much and get paid so little so Enjoy. tell my husband Hello and I miss his cute Bum.

Amanda Petersen said...

Thanks for the shout out Mer! Still no baby yet...he's not due until Thursday but I'm almost positive he won't come until next week. Oh well...I'll just have to enjoy this last little time with just me and Tucker. I'm glad you're having such a good time in Canada...I love seeing what you're up to! Love you babe!

emilyf said...

More like the noodles were disgusting!

MTC for slackers. heh