Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 12 MTC in Guatemala

Editor's note: This is the chit chat between two missionary siblings...

Dear Hermana Peterson,

Sucks that people get robbed there. Here people get robbed too. One time I was talking to a missionary on another island on the phone and he saw a cash-or-body happen right in front of his house while I was talking to him. It was crazy. I´ve heard stories of people getting robbed on the streets here, but it hasn´t happened while I´ve been here. One Elder did get his house broken into because his companion left their door open at night. Fortunately he only took their stuff and not their lives while they were sleeping. But the one elder did lose his camera, his proselyting bag, and his wallet. The elder that left the door open only lost his scriptures which he later got back and a bag of clothes. Elder crushes are weak. Happy birthday to the ground indeed. Btw Mer, I still never saw that video. We learned about it the night after I got set apart I think. Dang. It´s cool that you are going to the jungle. You´ll have some way sweet experiences out there. Thanks for the update.

Elder Peterson

Yeah, it's fun here. I'm glad that elder left. Now we´re trying to keep the other elders at bay by not talking to them, ever. So my comp told this elder she liked his tie the other day and he told her she had beautiful eyes. It was hilarious. I laughed for a while. Karma's a killer. Yeah, lock your doors.

In other news, I ate gum ice cream this week. It looked like strawberry and I didn't read the package. So I ate it and it tasted like a crayon encasing gum ice cream. Nasty. I finished it so I could have the full experience. I also used a paper towel to clean the wax out of my mouth afterwards. Not my fav. I called the family for mother's day. Dad took 5 minutes to connect everyone so I talked to myself. Then America went through a tunnel and we were all disconnected b-c of it for 5 minutes and then I talked for another 5 minutes. 15 minutes were all I had. So I talked to myself for 15 minutes. Family, you better have something to say to me at Christmas. Also, stamps in the US are cheaper, so mom, please send me a million or so stamps.

I'm learning Spanish little by little. We talked about Jabba the Hut and called him Habba la puebla. That was funny. Also, yesterday we were talking to some sisters about yellow, jello and hello. Those three words sound the same to latins. So she said, 'the primary colors are azul, blue, and hola?´ It was confusing and really funny. P-day last week we had to switch rooms twice b-c before I wasn't in the same room as my comps so I moved. Then I had to move back to my old room. Such a pain. Luckily it was just across the hallway. Canute, I heard about your quilt, sounds cool. I know you never saw that movie. I tell people about your righteousness all the time. Stay safe, the church is true!

Love, Hna Peterson

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