Sunday, May 23, 2010

week 4 Guatemala MTC

Hello mom, Here's the big email for the week. I did not get a zip drive before I left, so I can't send pictures like you wanted. I have some pictures from the MTC, but they instructed us not to send pictures while in this MTC, so I can't until I leave here next Monday for the field. Then I get a new p-day. I have pictures. I will attach them in the upcoming weeks. We only get dearelders once a week. I didn't get one last week and I don't think they come regularly. I like getting them, but as you know I leave the mtc and then...just emails and letters I guess.

Christian, I was going to write you last week but I forgot. Thanks for writing me an email. I was excited about it. I'm glad you and Josh are getting all sorts of fences pulled out. That sounds like pounds and pounds of fun, like that lady Neal was talking about in the ER. I guess I have a couple pieces of news, but first I'd like to do a shout out to Neal, Grant, Canute, Sarah, and Mom for being my most regular writers. Good job. Christian and America, you can do better. Cookie, Bonnie, Josh and Dad I guess are dead. Condolences.

I'm learning how to not spell things correctly because of Spanish. Sorry about that. News{ My teacher did the punta dance for us last week because he loves us but only for 30 seconds, and not really for that long b-c he felt bad b-c we're missionaries. Lots of hips and feet. But not long, so I can't really say what it is. Hna Bunting has bed bugs. So now we both spray our beds with Deet. I hear in my mission they eat monkeys and take bucket showers. I can't wait.

We went to Parque Central to do contacts Monday and Tuesday. In the Provo MTC you never get to leave, but here you do. It's cool and a little nerve'wracking, especially the bus ride. Drivers here are bonkers. I'm sure you're not surprised. Sorry the keys are weird on here and I don't have time to fix them. They have pigeons all over and they're gross. My yellow bag I bought had tons of dye in it and stained my white shirt yellow. The shirts ok with oxy clean and the bag got soaked in salt water. My hands are yellow.I don't like chocolate covered bananas frozen, but that's what we had for snack last night...or refaccion. I learned a hand trick..put your opposite pinky and pointer fingers out and now switch them. Try doing it fast. Cool trick huh? Please send those stamps, I would love to write millions and millions of letters with them. I think I like writing them as much as receiving them b-c of the promise of receiving them later. Or the hope at least.

Love and Kisses! Hna Peterson PS . How is it having Josh home again? Also, who asked for pictures on my blog? Also, Danielle, please know that I miss you and Konnie and I thought about you much this week.

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