Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 5, still in the Guatemala MTC

Editors note: "P" day means preparation day, kind of a day off from regular missionary duties...that's the day you do your laundry, get and receive letters, do shopping and get to do a bit of sight-seeing!

I still have another 3 weeks in the MTC, but it"s running by, so I"ll be there in no time at all. Canute, I think your outings sound awesome! Yesterday we went to a cool relief map of Guatemala and a museum of a pyramid and an undergound market. The elders in our district got robbed by a guy on crutches.. But not really b-c they were contacting and the guy with them told the guy something in a really low voice and walked away. The thing about getting robbed here is it happens all the time, but they don"t have weapons, they just walk up to you and say for you to give them your money. Dumb. But the elders said they would"ve just kicked his crutch and run away. Chiste ( joke). Our teacher said he had his cell out and this guy told him to give him his cell but he was really short and he was like, 'what?' and the guy was like 'give me your phone' and he couldn't hear him b-c he was little, so finally he heard him and he ran away to a policeman on the corner. The policeman said he thought the guy was his brother. Hah.

Naps are supreme. Tuesday morning was horrible b-c the sister who keeps the lights on in our room did so and woke up at 2 to 3:30 am to get ready and then came back in. She messed with her hangers, talked, turned on all the lights, and was filing her nails. Then at 5 the last sister in my room left and I finally got to sleep. I was so tired yesterday. However, I did get a blessing from our elders last night b-c I was completely exhausted and I haven"t been sleeping well. I slept like a rock last night. The church is true.

This week was exciting. I actually have two funny stories. One, an elder in our district accidentally pinched a sister's buns in our district. We were doing a direction game in Spanish and he thought he was behind another elder. So he slowly reached out his hand...he had a tie over his eyes..and pinched. Which is funny b-c Hna Clah is way shorter than E Francks and b-c he was super embarrassed. We all laughed for 15 minutes and our teacher switched us to elders and elders, sisters and sisters. Also, there was an elder here who had a crush on me and he sent me a keychain in an envelope via another sister. Happy Birthday to the ground. Then Hna Bunting picked it up from the floor and told me I had to tell him thank you and goodbye b-c he was hanging out outside out door. After much pouting and ranting, I went out and said thanks and he gave me his contact info. Happy birthday to the trash. I think I will be in the jungle. I hear they eat monkeys there. I certainly hope not. Alright, I must respond to others, Grant, send this to everyone. Love you Elder Peterson. The church is true!

Love, Hna Peterson

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