Sunday, August 29, 2010

July 19, 2010

I know our family has a grand appreciation for good music. It´s nice to have some tone, b-c people here usually lack it. So even though I don´t play the piano, I can usually help our investigators and companionships with the tunes of most hymns.

I have a greater appreciation for fish after Alaska. Kudos. And spinach. I think I actually got the great appreciation for spinach in Germany. Gracias Danielle. Hope their family is doing well. They are in my prayers.

I am glad you are having Christian practice the lessons in Preach my Gospel. It´s always good to have some practice under your belt with those lessons. Most important is listening to the Spirit, but if you don´t have any practice or knowledge, it´s harder to listen to the Spirit.

Mom,You threw away barn shoes? Is that possible? Wow, I´m glad you´re having so much fun with the family. I´m jealous. I´m glad to hear about it anyway. It´s rainy here, but warm rain. We get hot hot sun when it´s not cloudy. It´s usually cloudy. We´re in winter now..that means January, Feb, and March are summer and the rest of the year is winter.

I´m really having lots of fun with my companions. They´re wonderful and I am really lucky to have them as my comps. Hna Calderon and Hna Gonzalez. We have a lot of fun and it´s really nice to be in a trio again.
This week was awesome. I love them. They are little. I am big. They don´t eat much...and so I am always hungry. Probably because I am huge and we walk all the time. Whatever, I´ll eat when I´m home in a year. It´s July. I didn´t see any fireworks this year. Oh well. I guess Independence does have grand fireworks, b-c I also noted the sad fireworks in Alaska.

Our investigators have doubts, but that´s good. That means when they get testimonies, they´ll be strong and never stray. Right?

We have a richer group this time around.. People here actually have floors and tvs. We hug and kiss here in Los Olivos and we wake up at 6 instead of 6´30 to read with investigators in the morning. And I haven´t had language study b-c of appointments. I know the Lord will bless me in Spanish. He already has. Step by step. Thanks for the news and the love!

Being on a mission has really changed my perspective about life. And I´m finding out how much more particular I am becoming every day. Everyone here is so chill and I´m kind of a crazy. But I´m trying to chill out and tone down. I guess it´s part of being 26 and crazy. Anyway, Grant, thank´s for being a fantastic brother and writing me. Sorry you hate Alaska. Didn´t I tell you it kind of sucks there sometimes? Can I say sucks?

The Gospel is true...write your missionaries! Love to all, Hna Peterson

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