Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sept 7, 2010

Dad: We keep hearing about buses getting buried in mud and other unexpected events happening in Guatemala.

Merilee: I haven´t read the news b-c it´s against the rules. I´m in Guat. City right now, so we´re pretty safe here from natural disasters and we rarely ride the bus.

Family, I´m glad you invited Sister Beck over for Labor Day. Keep on, b-c she´s probably really lonely these days. I´m also glad you´re enjoying the garden and it´s fruits...vegetables. Sounds like you´re pounding out the good stuff. Keep at it.

We´ve started having problems with dogs in some of our areas, but I now have a spray bottle with alcohol. So any other dogs are getting it in the eyes. That´s a promise. I heard it doesn´t affect their sight, it just burns. Hah.

BbQ sounds nice. We haven´t really had any of those out here yet. I bought some cool wooden masks today. Good luck with your job interview.

I also got another haircut last week. A lady we were teaching saw our hair in ponytails and asked to see it. She fixed my last haircut which was about 3 weeks ago. My hair is getting shorter and I have bangs. I´ve had 4 haircuts in 5 months. Not as hard as I thought it would be. We also visited a museum today which is why my emails are today and not yesterday. It wasn´t open Monday, our pday. I looked at some pictures of me before my mission and my face is definitely fatter.

I realized last week I didn´t put any news in my letters. Oops. I´ll try and be better about that. I got a package from Sarah this week with a cd with music and a pudding. Shout out thanks Sarah!!!!

Also, I got a wedding announcement, a baby announcement, and 4 letters. Very cool week. Especially since I haven´t received mail for about 2 months. Emails are great and so is mail. Anyway, this week was good. We´ve had lots of lessons and investigators. We´re trying hard to help them along in the gospel, but we´ve got a lot of slow investigators' better than nothing I say. Most of them have appointments with us every 15 days or so. You´re supposed to see them more than once a week.

So that´s hard to keep them all progressing. The ward is being more helpful. Hna Calderon left, and now the bishop is really open to helping us with the work. Apparently it was semi' hard to work with her. So that´s good to know.

It´s been raining almost every day now. We have chilly nights and mornings, but the weather´s pretty awesome overall. Thanks for the love. We eat lots of soup and pancakes. And bread. There´s a bread store in our little village so we get it there when it´s fresh. My face is getting fatter.

Also, every time my comp sees a plane she says, Adios Papa. I don´t know if I said this already, but I think it´s funny and I thought I´d share it again. It´s a habit the kids have b-c a lot of their dad´s leave their families to start other families. I know, right.ç

The works going. We visited a museum today, which wasn´t open Monday, so we changed our pday this week. Maybe the week´ll fly faster this way.

Also, I´m learning lots of humility these days. My comp´s helping me with verbs and I feel stupid and frustrated sometimes. But most of the time, I feel a´ ok. Also, one day I cried for about an hour out of frustration for our slow investigators. But it´s been a while, so I needed a good cry. Love and kisses! Hna Peterson

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