Monday, September 6, 2010

August 30, 2010


First off, maybe mom´ll put all the pictures, or some on my blog and you can see them then. Also, sounds like you had some good times in MO. I´m jealous. I drove to MO from Provo by myself when I came home before Europe. What a boring drive. Mostly I talked on the phone with a million people..I was also pretty tired and almost took a couple naps but didn´t. On the last two hour leg I remember doing laps around the car at a gas station b-c I was really close and didn´t want to sleep on the side of the road. It was snowy and the roads were really crappy. And I imagined the license plates were changing in front of my eyes. Weird and probably a sign I was really tired.

Sorry you didn´t see Cortney. But what in the world were you doing hanging out at BYU with girls until 130. Doesn´t the honor code say 12? Or is it 130 during weekends? I don´t remember. Could be. I´m glad you like your roomies. It´s so much greater to be pals with people and remeet instead of the scariness of rooming with strangers. It´s so different from a mission. I sometimes wish I could walk my speed, not look like a man every day, and not have to be always with my comp.

If you get along with your roomies...that´s good. I always did. I know America had a lot of problems with roomies. And I hope you cultivate some fantastic relationships with males I might like to meet when I come home. And have FHE activities where everyone writes your sister on her mission in Guatemala. Remember, I´m really cool.

Sorry you didn´t make much money in Alaska. I got a check from the Olympics this month. Now I´ve got about 2000 in my account and 7000 in the other one. And Grandma, bless her wonderful self, contributed 1000 to my fund before she died. Dad suggested I donate it to a missionary in our ward who can´t pay for his mission. I said that would be ok. It´s money I wasn´t expecting anyway and he needs it more than I do.

I have gained 10 pounds on my mission. That´s..2 pounds a month. That´s not too bad.A member we read the BOM with made us a cake. We bought all the stuff and she made it. It was a chocolate custard cake and really easy to make... And tasty. Yes! I love cake.

Plus Grandma and the Lord would be pleased to hear it. The church is true. What should I do with my life when I get home in a year? Thanks for the news! Love, Your favorite sister,(editor's note, she writes that to all her siblings..) Hna Peterson


Sorry you are stressed out with your kids. I don´t have kids. Sometimes I read your emails and am grateful. Most of the Guatemalans I meet are nice. Everyone is having a bad day.

I´m glad you are good at remaking food. We eat lots of spaghetti with vegetables here in Los Olivos. I´ve started buying more bread at the bread store. Fresh bread every day..and tamales. That´s living.

It rains a lot here. Like every day. Nope, not like every day, every day. Also, my laundry is wet...b-c it rained today and I left it outside while we went shopping for food and played pool with the elders. Oops.

I think life in every place is hard. So there it is, life is hard. Endurance. You can do it. Maybe think about calling your sisters. You can´t call me, but Sarah, Bonnie, Cookie, Emily, Mom, Caryn, Danielle...there are lots of people to call. Love, Hna Peterson

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