Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sept 14, 2010

Love you too kristi b. The shift on this keyboard is iffy. So I´m not going to worry about it. This week after church there was a..10 yr old maybe..with his arms in his shirt. the chest part. so he was yelling ¨mi pica, mi pica¨. And running in circles like a crazy. So this guy in the ward itched his back for him and he was like, ¨no, my head. my head.¨It was really funny. Chubby kid. funnier.

Second, this week our refridgerator box got wet. It´s a mini fridge and we use the box as a sort of counter. anyway, we put it outside to dry and about ten minutes later it started walking away. Not kidding. So my comp, Hna gonzalez went outside and watched it walk away. She waved me over to do something.

So I picked up the box and two six year olds were underneath. I told them I was sorry, but it was our table. The asked us to give it to them.. I said maybe in a month. We´re going to be using it in a month, but I felt bad just saying no. It was hilarious.

those are my two stories for this week. also, i´m really sorry you aren´t having much luck with the branch. If I was there right now, I´d take 10 of them for you. I know, dating is a dumb reason to attend church. And who knows who´s going to move in or have fun activities. Anyway, that´s lame.

Sorry you had trouble sleeping baby cakes. I wake up a lot because my comp throws stuffed animals at me in the middle of the night when I snore. She says I snore louder when I shower at night. So I´m not allowed to shower at night.

We get along really well though. I was nervous to just be with her b-c we had a trio before, but we have lots of fun.

Speaking of fun. I got your package today! i haven´t opened it yet, but I read the contents listing and am really excited for the prizes inside. I can´t wait to eat the kitkats and use the stationary. We have toothpaste and floss here, but thanks a million jillion for sending it! i know you know that´s important to me. Thank you!!!

I cannot believe I´ve been out almost 6 months. crazy.. six months the 24th of sept. Don´t watch anymore dinosaur movies before bed. My dreams are usually pretty vivid too. and I get chased a lot. I had an ork dream about a month ago and I was chopping at his neck but my machete wasn´t sharp so nothing was happening. scary.

You´re the best. Good luck with your job. have you seen kimberly´s baby yet? i saw a alison in wonderland advertisement at the grocery store today and thought of our good times that last week. love you so much! strengh and love! love, Hna Peterson

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