Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 16, 2011 Love those cold showers....NOT

Yeah, I took cold showers all my mission, until I realized that I might as well get up an hour early b-c I´m always awake at 530 and put my water to heat on the stove. So I pour it in a bucket and then add cold water and shower like that. with a bowl from a bucket. But if I didn´t wake up early, I prob. wouldn´t set my alarm to do it.

That means I do bucket showers, but they´re not cold. It´s super hot here, so if I showered at night, I probably wouldn´t heat my water. Sometimes we have water, sometimes it doesn´t come, so we always fill up the middle of our cement sink, it´s called a pila, so we have water whether it´s running or not.

I got an email from Christian. Thanks mom. I also got a package. Thanks Cookie!!!! Does anyone have any special requests for things in Guate. I know I´ve got some time left on the mission, but we don´t go touring for souvenirs very often, so if there´s something anyone wants specifically, let me know. Otherwise I´ll just bring a bunch of wood stuff home and we´ll pick one by one like when Neal got home from his mission.

I´m glad you´re reading the scriptures. Ether´s a good place to be. Our mission pres. has been talking about going home for 7 months. So he´s been ready, but he always says he´s not baggy..or trunky. But if you always mention it, it means you are, so he has been. And his wife. But the Torres´s are leaving the end of this change. Every 6 weeks we have changes. Our mission pres and his wife go home June 8. That´s when we have changes next. Love you! Love, Hna Peterson

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*liSa* said...

oh my goodness, i'm soryy I have fallen off the face of the earth and lost base with you. I got a new job that is pretty relaxing, meaning i have lots of time on the computer and i decided to become a better blogger. Anyway, i was reading yours and realized it's been too long.
Your mission has sounded like it's been a wonderful experience! Where did you go again?