Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 2, 2011-Happy with Hna Molina

Sorry the mole´s going crazy in the rock garden. Sounds like he feels at home there. We got our call instructions. They told us we can get calls the 8th or the 10th. My comp and I decided it would be better for the both of us to do it the 8th. That´s this Sunday. So I hope that´s ok, b-c that´s what we decided and I won´t hear from you again until you call me.

According to our mission email, you have to call our phone. The number is 00-502-4025-6790. Ok, so I´m in Peten Guatemala. I´m pretty sure that´s the code...the first 5 numbers. I´m sure you can check some world phone code directory, but the last 8 numbers are to our home phone here in our house. My comp´s family is calling our house at 9, so you need to call me at 8 pm. I´m almost positive Guatemala is in the exact same time zone as Missouri, but central america doesn´t do daylight savings.

So I think MO is an hour ahead of us. Whatever, find that out too on the internet, if you can. I just need you to call me at that number at 8. And if I don´t answer, please call me again.If it doesn´t work out, I guess you could still call me Tuesday, but it will be way better if you figure out all the details and call me Sunday, 8 pm Guate time. Thanks.

I´m glad everything is going well in MO. This week we had changes. My comp´s name is Hna Molina. She´s amazing. She has super curly hair, is from Costa Rica, and is in her second change. We have lots of fun. I also found out, a family I taught in my first change, in Coban, had a dream about me. Or the wife did. She said.. I dreamt I was by two rivers. A clean river, and a really dirty river. Hna Peterson, (and she remembered my name), showed me to wash in the clean river. But I couldn´t yet. (She´s not married, so that´s why she couldn´t wash in the clean river). Very cool.

That family sells chocolate and had a trip, but Hna Varela told me they moved. So when I went back, I didn´t visit them b-c I didn´t think they lived there anymore. They said they were mad b-c I never came back to teach them. Hna Endicott told them I left for a while. So I hope they understand. They have a baptismal date. Also very cool. The church is true.

My neighbor lady told me they shot Bin Laden last night at 10 pm. I guess that would be really cool if it were true. I guess you should fill me in b-c I don´t watch the news and the sources we get news from aren´t super reliable. Love you! Can´t wait to talk to you Sunday! Love, Hna Peterson

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