Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thanks for the love...May 9, 2011

On Mon, May 9, 2011 at 2:00 PM, Merilee Enid Peterson

That last picture you sent actually looks almost identical to our family couch sleeping pictures. Well done strong family. crappy my car is being a bad car. I told you to sell it. If you can find a buyer and a good price, like 2500, I would encourage you to sell it. I can always buy a new one when I get home. Or I can drive it to T x and sell it. Either way, you´ll prob. need a car. your reasoning is very sound.

I know there are some letters here that need to be capitalized, but this keyboard kind of s'u'c'k's. so that´s what´s going on right now with my chafa typing.

I´m glad you took a break to talk to me. I enjoyed talking with all the family, even though most of it was garbled and unintelligible. I still felt lots of love. and I always appreciate your pep talks. B-c really, I need them. I felt super baggy this morning. Or trunkie. You know, 5 months is an eternity and yet, it´s nothing. I do think visiting New zealand would be awesome though. very cool.

That´s a pretty sweet shirt, Grant. I´m pretty sure cabra is a bad word here. Or it means goat. Anyway, you always have Sunday night headaches. Maybe it´s from eating a lot. I know you always eat a lot on Sundays and that totally happens to me when I eat a ton. So something to look out for. I´ve become very accustomed to listening to my body here on the mission. Which is a huge pain sometimes.

I´m glad I didn´t send your letter yet, b-c you went to WA. But what´s the address there? Maybe I´ll cut open your envelope and put in a letter to Aunt Amy and Uncle Graydon´s family. I sure hope their plans for marrying you off pay off. You´re a cool guy and somebody awesome deserves you. I guess my email last week was pretty long. I figured mom would be super excited to see that. She always gives me crap for sending short emails. Oh well, sometimes there´s just more to say. It´s super hot here. Winter was Nov. to Feb. I heard and now it´s rainy season? I don´t know, something like that. I´m sick of eating refried beans and eggs, but only 5 more months of that right?

I don´t have changes, but my comp´s going to Argentina. I hope I don´t get a crazy comp. I guess we´re going to see. I hope she´s cool. There are lots of crazies out there, in and out of the mission. That´s true. Yeah, my mission pres. goes home in June. We´ve heard about the new pres, but not much.

I got a pedicure and the member who did it cut a little deep on my big toe. So she cut to bleed instead of just my dead skin. So that only really affected me for one or two days. But yeah, pulled muscles aren´t so hot. We were supposed to go to the capital yesterday night, but the ZLs told us an hour later than what the tickets were bought for.

So we got there at 1030 and our bus was there at 915. We waited until 12 b-c they kept telling us it was coming and well, yeah, the elders walked us home at 1 am.
This morning we slept in and I washed my laundry. We left my comp´s suitcases at the elder´s house. One more night in the house and one less night in the roach infested house in the cap. God loves us. Love you! Love, Hna Peterson

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