Friday, January 13, 2012

I know, I'm a slacker

I've been home three months and I really don't have an excuse for being this slackery. Except, well, I've been busy. I got home in Halloween time and I went to two dances, I got a job in a week, I am now the single's ward relief society president, and I got two weeks at home with my family for Christmas. So here is an interesting, or maybe semi-interesting item I worked on last week during work. I would work more on it, but it's a miracle I even finished this list as it is. I know, more later.

Deal Breakers-
1. Mullet
2. Liar
3. Cheating
4. Never brushes teeth
5. Beater
6. Doesn’t go to church
7. Bad BO
8. Smokes
9. Terrible breath
10. Deliberate rudeness
11. A rule breaker on his mission
12. Men who wear skinny jeans
13. Doesn’t floss
14. Runs really weirdly
15. Hates my family

Surprisingly not deal breakers
1. Rat tail- He’s probably just doing it to get a rise out of me anyway and it’s not going to work
2. Mustache
3. Designs shaved into his hair
4. Wears knee highs when plays sports

1. Reading
2. Working out
3. Learning about cars
4. Intelligence
5. Hilarious
6. Likes games
7. Good at surprises
8. On time

So yeah, all you foxy boys interested in knowing my gears, there are a couple interesting factoids.

On a different note, it's my birthday. So, Happy Birthday to me. I got business cards today, so Happy Birthday to everyone else in the world who may now receive my contact information. Love you all. Thanks for reading and writing. I hate arithmetic, but I know it's necessary. Hope you're being good. Also, if you have ipads, you should look into ConnecTV. It's the company I work for. It's an ipad app. you can download for free that connects you to tv shows and gives you something to do while you're watching. So I'm the office manager and put out orders for stuff we need in the office.

Today they told me to order lunch and I sent out an email asking everyone in the office what they wanted. Then they told me it was just for the people at the meeting. Oops. So I asked if I needed to send a followup cancellation email for lunch and they said it was ok. How embarrassing. And Happy Birthday everyone! For my birthday the company bought everyone lunch. Yippee Hooray! Love, Mer

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Amanda Petersen said...

Happy Birthday Mer! I must say I'm a little surprised about the rat tail...thought for sure that would be a deal breaker. I did notice you didn't put anything on there about chest hair? Thoughts? what about the creepers that pop out of the shirt? Just wondering. Love your guts!