Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So here I am, back in the United States. It's nice to be here. I've been back for a whole five days now. And really, it feels nice. But it's been hecka busy. If you don't know what hecka busy means, I'll fill you in. Hecka busy means I got home Thursday night at 7 p.m., spent the night at Kristi Brailsford's house. We fell asleep at 3:30 a.m. due to a spectacular night watching Tangled, hearing about her dating progression with Joaquin and giggling about stop-motion home movies.

The next day, we caravanned to Hannibal, Missouri, the birthplace of Mark Twain. We bought huckleberry jam and slept the whole rest of the drive. When we got to Nauvoo, the Disney channel occupied our attention. At the family dinner, I met a couple people who were all very friendly. I also received quite a few questions about how I'm still single. I just told them it was because I'd been in Guatemala for a year and a half.

That night I had the opportunity to help some little girls go to sleep, while their mom, Tami, Kristi's sister, emailed her husband Miles. I talked on the phone with siblings for a while and had some singing adventures with the girlitas. That's spanglish for little girls.

Saturday morning we ate cinnamon rolls and did Kristi's hair. Well, Caryn did Kristi's hair. I was a bystander and will testify it looked GOOD. Afterwards, I ran to the visitor's center in front of the Nauvoo temple to connect three babies with their eight babysitters. After talking with some visitor's center missionaries, the babysitter connection was made and I ran into the temple. The ceremony was beautiful.

As the designated bouquet getter, I ran to the hotel room as soon as I got my shoes back on. I tipped the kids off they should be changing into their fancy picture clothes and then ran outside into the windy Nauvoo climate. Outside, in the chilly achoo change of temperature, we all gathered, waiting for Kristi and Juaquin. They looked so happy. Awww.

We got some quality time standing around, waiting for picture time. During this waiting period, I also got set up on a date. Two days after I'd gotten home from an 18 month dating vacation and well, I was a little nervous, but excited. Apparently, he was the catch of his ward. And well, I was looking forward to a little time with a boy. With a man. But he never called me. Sooo, that just means I learned how to deal with a little dating disappointment.

On my ride home from Nauvoo with Tami, we discussed the roles of women and men in the home. I know it was an eye opening experience for me. After that experience, I realized how much excitement I've always put into my dating life. However, I am ready for that to change. I'm not going to stop getting excited, I am going to stop putting all my eggs in one basket. Which means I should probably look before I sit down, so I don't sit on any eggs. Or maybe I'll just find some hobbies.

Sunday I gave my mission recap and bore my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. After church, I went home and saw my nieces and nephews. We ate together, I got some hugs, we read some stories. It was nice.

Monday I packed all day and ate lunch with little brother at Poncho's. We ate delicious burritos together and bonded. Cookie got to the house with her little girl Allyson and we talked as I packed up my life for the next couple months. That night we went over to Neal and Emily's house to eat and for scripture study.

Tuesday I got to the airport a little bit late. Emily was her usual stellar self and cut me up some fruit, then drove me through some crazy traffic. The nutella my mom sent in my carry-on bag was taken from me the second time through the metal detector. I also almost missed my flight. Running toward the flight deck, bag open, dropping eye shadow in the aisle of the plane...that was not my favorite flight experience.

Right now, I am in San Francisco. What a treat. When I finally got off BART, talking along the way with strangers, I waited for about 10 minutes outside. I finally decided I didn't want to wait anymore and started walking to America's house with my suitcases. A block from her house, I saw her whiz by in her car. With an scoop of chagrin, I turned myself around with my two red bags, and walked back to the entrance of the BART station.

It's been a whirlwind. I can hardly believe I'm back in the United States. I am very blessed. I know my Heavenly Father loves me. I am looking at all the blessings I have received in the last couple days and well, I have not been forgotten. Not at any level.


Amanda Petersen said...

You're back? How did I miss this? I feel like the world's worst friend for not realizing sooner. HOW ARE YOU? How does it feel to be back in the good old U.S.A? Wow what are you up to? Hope everything's going well. Love ya!

Ali Snow said...

Welcome back Mer! What are your plans now? We're still in Utah and would love to see you if you ever come back here :) Love you!

emilyf said...

a scoop of chagrin. man i love when you write and when I read what you write. I love you. k. get a phone. or find one of those one kinds that hook in to a wall and push those square buttons with numbers on them and let's talk. or skype. like you said. and, like i said, i love you :)