Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pad Thigh-

When I run, I think about my thigh muscles. I think about my problems. I focus on my breathing. When I finish my run, I try to make sure I'm stretched out. About a month ago I strained a thigh muscle jumping into my bed backwards. That was embarrassing. I don't think that would have happened if I had stretched out adequately.

I have been thinking on changing up my life lately, but reconsidered often because I thought it was my own fickle self. Then the Lord kicked me out of my house. Or, my sister's landlady, but I'm pretty sure our prayers get answered directly when we're not following the Lord's promptings fast enough.

That means I need to find someplace to stay, decide where to live, decide where to work. I like my current situation, but I'm pretty sure I've been coasting for a month too long and now the track has ended and I have to add to my line.

I'm going to play soccer tonight so that should make the decision easier to forget for one more day. Then I'll be going to my brother's wedding in Utah. He is marrying a girl named Carly whose hair looks like the hair on Tangled. I'm jealous.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your thigh...I had no idea. It's been awhile since you wrote this, so I suppose by now everything is right as rain.