Monday, October 7, 2013

Shepherd's Pie

Charles and I had that for dinner yesterday with taco meat we'd made out of the hamburger. It was what we already had. It was delicious. The great thing about having two people in your house, is you can make food one time, and eat it for the next three days. Or, if you get sick of it, you can freeze it. 

Another nice thing about having two people, is you can make sure there's always room in the freezer for the stuff you want to freeze. Charles things I'm kind of a crazy person because, well, I freeze everything. 

It's better not to freeze things for a long amount of time, because they gradually become unrecognizable blobs of substance. However, if you keep track of what you have, it's a wonderful thing, a freezer. 

Speaking of preservation, Amy, I had a beautiful red leaf I was pressing to send to you and now it's brown. So I tried, but unfortunately, if I send you leaves, I trow they will be brown by the time they reach you. Sorry.

Oh, I saw World War Z this weekend. Don't worry, America, we can watch it next week. It does have parts that will startle you. I am also easily startled, so maybe it was just me, but overall I enjoyed it. 

Rachel- Thanks for reading and always commenting. It's nice to hear from you, even though you live far away and don't have Facebook. 

Emily and Amanda, thank you for your positive affirmation. It's so lovely to hear from such great friends.

I got some Christmas gifts at a flea market I worked at Saturday. I was helping America sell her games, scarves, and yarn. She has quite a few boxes, and would like to have less of those things and mo problems (mo money).

I've been watching some new, and some old, shows. I would recommend the following, in no particular order:

1. Blacklist
2. Parenthood
3. Modern Family
4. The Middle 
5. Scandal
6. Nashville
7. Chicago Fire
8. Graceland
9. Marvel: Agents of SHIELD
10. Once Upon a Time in Neverland
11. Michael J. Fox Show

I'm still on the fence about #9 & 11. #10 has not yet started. However, I do want to give those last three a chance. 

Things I need to do this week:

1. Finish the Brother's Karamazov (Goal reminder: End of October)
2. Study up and get my drivers' license changed
3. Run/Exercise
4. Do my hair.
5. Wake up earlier. Strike that. Get up earlier. 

You're the greatest. Love, Mer


momstamps said...

At least your husband will eat leftovers. Mine does not appreciate them for lunch the next day.

Rach said...

Chris jumped more than I did during WWZ, and I'm the jumpy one round these I don't think it's just you :) haha.

I need to get better at using my freezer. I tend to just grow science projects in my fridge. At least my kids will never be at a loss when it comes time for last minute science fair projects....
Thanks for blogging, it's nice hearing from you too :)