Tuesday, December 10, 2013


It has begun. I wore sweatpants to work today. So did Charles. It was cold outside and jeans are so cold in winter and I didn't want to break the frost off of them this morning. Anyway, I don't match, but I feel cozy today. Woot for soft pants.

For lunch I got orange chicken. Unfortunately, it turned out the place made jello chicken. Or so it seemed, as though the chicken had orange jello poured on and it hadn't hardened yet. I couldn't eat it. Honestly, I'm not a huge Chinese food fan anyway, but this was sub par food. Gross. I had to go to Subway for a meatball sub so I wouldn't starve to death.

Christmas gifts. I will now list what I'm getting everyone for this holiday spectacular. 

1. Owl- suckers. Of course I'm not going to write that list. People actually read this blog, including my husband, who totes thinks he's going to find out what I'm getting him before Christmas. False. 

2. I'm getting a niece. My sister's pretty excited to give birth and get that baby out. I can't say I blame her. Babies are heavy.

3. I've been drinking warm water lately. I know that's weird, but I can't quite bring myself to drinking freezing water when it's so cold outside.

4. Pudding cakes are delicious. I might have one today. Yum.

5. Crafts are pretty cool. I might have to endeavor in some crafting endeavors this week. Surprise!

6.  I have been going through books like magic. I didn't know it was such a breeze to get through books by tape. I always thought books on tape were lame. Now I am a regular book on tape listener toer. 

I LOVE CROCODILES. I love my husband. Sometimes my husband wants to wrestle me and I feel like I'm wrestling a crocodile because of his unwavering strength and agility. He's the youngest in his family and is really good at hassling a person into a brawl. Problem is I always lose in those brawls. I bite my bottom lip and lose with style. Those wrestling moods usually last about 20 minutes. I might get him a wrestle doll for Christmas. Don't tell him. 


Brooke Evans said...

1. Your "Surprise!" picture is hysterical.

2. I have totally been drinking warm (okay, well, at least ice-less) water lately for the same reason. It's so freaking cold outside.

Kimber said...

I need to know what a "pudding cake" is. Also a "wrestle doll." I can't bring my Mormon self to google it. I want to spend two days reading your blog, but I have these two time-sucking things called children orbiting me and demanding attention. I'll have to enjoy it in doses.