Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wanted, hopefully alive

My oldest sister just had a baby. Sometimes babies look like aliens. This baby is beautiful. Good job for not looking like an alien straight out the gate beautiful baby. I saw her yesterday. She smiled at me. Thanks for smiling at me beautiful baby. I know giving birth isn’t going to kill me, but it sounds terrible.  The only thing that makes me want to make my own is my interaction with kids in Primary at church and seeing my own adorable nieces and nephews. The picture is actually my younger sister holding her.

Speaking of want, my suitcases want to be packed, even though we don’t leave until Thursday. I like packing early, because then I make believe I won’t forget anything essential for the trip. I started this morning.  Every time I take a vacation, I realize how nonessential clothes are.

I mean, yeah, bring a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, but don’t bother bringing anything else. You probably won’t wear it. It’s Christmas! Live a little. By that, I mean wear the same clothes over and over until they smell and then change into something clean. It will make you appreciate them more. My husband doesn’t know that part of me yet.

Don’t get me wrong; I change my underwear. I learned from my Dad, at age 10 when I told him a splendid fact about my personal hygiene; that you’re supposed to change undies every day, not every week. Whether you need to or not.

So when we ghost around the Houston house for two weeks, wearing the same stuff, don’t be surprised Charles.

We also plan to run, because it’s warmer there. So let it be written, so let it be done. Then I can eat what I want and not feel guilty.  Besides, I need something to balance out my movie mosies. I want to run regularly through the break.

It's hard to know what people want for Christmas. Most people just say not to buy them anything, that love is enough. It is, but here's a little peek into our list this year.

Needs: Things you should just buy yourself at the store, but think maybe people could buy you for Christmas instead of random stuff you probably don’t need.

Luxuries: Things you like doing/having, but try not to do/have often because you’re budgeting.

Fancies: Things you would never think of yourself, but in hindsight are so grateful for. Like this baby. Not getting one for Christmas, but isn't she fancy?  

Ward! Whatchu want?

1. Needs:  collared Sunday white shirt, baseball cap, running socks, shoes, 2 car smog checks, jeans, sports bras.

2. Luxuries: movie tickets, chipotle/sushi/restaurant gift cards, movies, laptop, ipad, camera, movies, expensive chocolate- with caramel and pecans, cologne, trips, nose hair trimmers.

3. Fancies: You’re on your own people. That’s why they’re fancy. Everyone loves giving others fancies. It’s hard to think of good ones though, so often people get needs instead. Included here: hair accessories, jewelry, personalized gifts, services-vacuumed car, crocodiles.

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