Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to unexpect the expected

Hollywood here I come. Well, not quite to Hollywood, but halfway there. Charles got into school at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. It's Christmas at the Ward house. He's been working tirelessly toward that specific goal for 2+ years. Hot smash baby cakes! He's really excited and I'm pleased as punch for his great win.

On a totally different note, ConnecTV, my work is giving away a free trip to Hollywood. I haven't ever been there, nor have I ever gone to Disneyland. Charles hasn't either, so we might take a celebration trip once we've gotten settled in a more southwardly direction. Too bad I can't clip like crazy and win the trip from my work. I don't think that's allowed. Bummer.

Onward to the point of it all. The directive of this blog's title was inspired by the Bachelor episode in which Charlene drops out of the game. It happened two weeks ago, so it's quite old news. However, I still wanted to post about it. AND, it's my blog, so I'll do what I want.

Watching Charlene struggle with her feelings for Juan Pablo reminded me of the inner struggles I had during my courtship with Charles. When I think of how hard it was to choose Charles, and to fully realize the happiness I could have missed out on, I am filled with gratitude for his patience with me. I was on an emotional skateboard heading down the mountain as he calmly walked behind me, making sure I didn't fall off. What a trooper. A storm trooper if you will. I will.

When we choose how we live, we accept responsibility for our happiness and grief. It's a difficult burden to accept. When I expected marriage to epitomize misery, I was terrified to accept that deal. Except I've been married for 7 months and I'm still not miserable. Weird. So when I changed my perception of the marriage situation, I could accept the terms. Pop pop. Fizz fizz. Oh what a relief it is.

This, in turn, gives me great hopes for the misery of motherhood. I fully expect to throw up hourly with morning sickness for 9 months before it happens and then for my babies to get colic. Meanwhile I'll become better at everything, since trials are when you grow the most. I'm crossing my fingers for happiness when the babies come. It's a choice like all others. Plus, a sweet guy I know taught me once about unexpecting the expected and he's coming with me everywhere I go. Like a super power. 

Charles is my super power. With Don, he's been exercising every day. His super powerocity is becoming exponentially greater every day. Don't tell the spy network. I won't give him up to the spy rings of CA or even Earth. I shan't. He's my super power. I am linked to him and I have the ring to prove it. Picture credit.

I quite enjoy this State Farm commercial. 

I practiced on the piano keyboard on loan from Bon last week. I want to say thanks to Mrs. Sigler. She was, as our piano teacher, ultra super patient with all of us, even though we obviously never practiced, and we have all had the blessing of music training in our lives. Thank you Norma Jean and to my Mom, it was a long road, but I can play easy music. Easy peezy hymns for the win!

Also, strawberry cake is gross. Unexpected. I would have expected pink cake to be delicious.

New Show: Star Crossed. I've only watched the first episode. Nice.

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Christine Schindler said...

I always knew Charles was special. And he was the most affectionate as a boy and it lasted years longer than the other two.