Friday, February 28, 2014

I love to see new tips. Tips to stay healthy. Tips to change your life. However, these "tips" more often than naught are terribly disappointing. How can it be a tip if everyone in the world already knows to do it?

Internet Tips

1. Drink lots of water or your cells will shrivel and you'll look old and feel thirsty
2. Sleep 8 hours or be tired
3. If underwater, don't breathe; it's just not safe
4. Eat fruits and vegetables or your systems will get clogged
5. Don't smoke or you'll get lung cancer
6. Exercise- or you'll feel lethargic and get chubbier
7. Don't swallow before food has been chewed enough; try it once and you'll always remember
8. Wear your seatbelt; if you don't you might regret it later
9. Put on enough clothes to be decent when you leave your house
10. Use the right shoes for what you're doing. No, flip flops are not good for running in or hiking

Octopus nails

Real Tips

1. Wear secure water shoes when you swim and go to water parks- then your feet won't get all cut up
2. Lock your car when you fill up your gas tank, especially if you leave your purse in the front seat
3. Braid your hair if it's going to be windy and you're outside. It'll save you from snarls
4. Don't spit from a moving car unless you're good at projectile spitting.
5. Make sure the window behind you is closed if you're going to spit
6. Use clorox wipes to clean around your toilet. Then your toilet will be clean and you can throw away the towel
7. Make homemade pudding if you have extra egg yolks 
8. Save every 5 minutes on Shutterfly so you don't have to retype the same labels over, and over, and over again
9. Don't be a jerk when you merge lanes. Nobody wants to see you drive past a huge line of cars waiting patiently, to merge at the front of the queue. 
10. Instead of buying scratchers/lotto tickets, put your money in a scratchers account. Then every time you put in money, you're actually contributing to your future.

There you are, now you have some real tips to think about.  I was going to do a tip of the day, but thought you could all benefit from these real tips in real time. Yow!

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