Friday, February 14, 2014

The day of writing romantic oatmeal. No sugar allowed.

Cooler than snowboarding pants

Handy with a bag of chocolate chips

Artificial nothing, you're the real thing

Rock thrower

Licks ice cream


Sappy man

Listing of facts

I like when you read to me out loud.
I am obnoxious sometimes. Thanks for eating it up.
We're going to do our taxes.
I like your lasagna.
We have the same name. 
I like your cookies.
You remind me of the David statue.
I like when you brush my hair. 
You look like a person.
Sometimes you wear my socks. I know it's true.
You have ten toes.
I like when you exercise. Good job!
Your artistic side parallels mine. 

Romantic Poem

CAW and MEW sit at a transforming table
eating cans of beans and not watching cable.

They sit around and cause real ruckuses.
Their rug at home gets vacuumed semi-often and never fusses. 

Spectacular food is prepared every day.
Our dishes the soap dragon always does slay.

Tinder boxes light their candles.
Some of their doors have sticky handles.

MEW can't always get into the house, 
it's always surrounded by cats and grouse.

MEW will love CAW 'til after her head hair reaches her butt. 
CAW loves MEW more than Jabba the Hutt. 

Life in their house is mighty exciting, 
little animals they're always inviting. 

Shrews and voles. Crawdads galore.
The bread and cheese never grow spores.

It's a jolly place to live right now. 

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