Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jumping the tramp-

Terrifying as it is, I quite look up to those up to the challenge. Kids are hilarious and pretty nutso. However, somebody or something, has to train them up to be true to life jedis. Hiya. There is no better way than giving them access to a trampoline.

Trampolines scare me witless. The terror is not embodied in the potential of bouncing skiwampus, which also scares me. It is centered in the shock factor. Why must this instrument of terror shock a person anytime his flesh meets the outside springs? I do not love that effect. Yeah, when we got a new electric fence, I did touch it to see how strong the current was. Only once. Maybe twice.

Jumping on a trampoline is like touching an electric fence over and over again. Even jumping in the middle of the tarpaulin you can feel the current building inside you. The anticipation of a great shock paralyzes my jumping reflex every time I enter a great jumping arena.
 In other news, we went on primary visits and I saw this huge cat. You cannot see how truly huge this cat is from this terrible picture. I'm serious. This cat was 3x bigger than I thought it should be. It was Garfield in grey.
 I saw these pants after walking into my house Sunday night with Charles. They startled me a bit, since the pants were nestled over a pair of shoes as though someone was bending over. Anyway, I did a double take when I got inside. Who was bending over in my living room if Charles was currently walking inside with me?
 I took some selfies at my house to show how long my hair is getting. I guess next time I should actually do it. This is al natural friends.

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