Friday, May 16, 2014

Engineering Student of the Year-

Last week I found out my sister Sarah caught an alligator one time. Supa cool. Even if it was a baby alligator. That part of the conversation was followed by the important of maintaining a safe distance from wild animals at all times. Don't touch wild animals kids.

My brother Christian is serving a mission in Taiwan and has been for a year. Every Mother's Day and Christmas he can call home for a little while, usually less than an hour. He called by Skype this Sunday for Mother's Day. All the siblings were on the call. It was awesome.

Boxes. Have you ever seen a box and wondered what was inside? Wait. Have you ever seen a box and not wondered what was inside? Seriously. Everyone loves surprises and my imagination consistently explodes with all the arsenal placed inside the universe by closed boxes.

Charles won an award for being awesome. He was nominated by a teacher to win the Engineering student of the year award at Las Positas College. Good job!

After he received his award- on page 10 of 17 of winners, we got free pizza. Actually, we had to pay the tax on the Round Table Pizza the A's told us we could get for free with our ticket stubs. So that was weird, but we paid less than we would have otherwise. Course we wouldn't have gotten pizza, but that's all in the past. I got artichokes on mine, he got pineapple. So good. We both demolished our pizza with gold stars and handshakes.

Speaking of handshakes, this what it looked like when Charles shook hands with the President of Las Positas College and received his award. Unfortunately, as you may notice in the next photo posted, I am a whiz with my camera phone. I had 10 more photos just as blurry on my phone. Enjoy.

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