Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy BarfDay!

I wasn't sick on my birthday. Actually, it was wonderful. I did however miss out on the flu night put on by the other ward's relief society. I had the cramps. You're welcome.

That wasn't my actual birthday though, that was the day after. My actual special day included a visit from a friend- who brought me flowers, a cd, a birthday muffin, and a "Calories don't count today" Birthday permission. Thanks for being great Emma! Even if you had a horrible tooth ache, you still made the effort to make me feel special. You are great.

My birthday Eve, another friend invited me and Charles to FHE night. We ate dessert and played games! Hooray! Thanks for not having your baby on the game Breanna! Also, sorry you didn't have her on my birthday. Enid's a good middle name. Am I right? Kings to you Grandma!

For my birthday breakfast, my special love made me a cyclops plate. You need to have one of those if you haven't. They are all the rage, are terribly expensive, and super hard to do. Alright, get out your pen and paper, and try to remember this.

1. Fry an egg
2. Fetch a banana
3. Place the banana underneath the egg on a plate.
4. Try to make it look like a cyclops.
5. Magic just happened.

Alright, then I had my lovely lunch. Pause, someone invited me to lunch but I didn't want to miss Emma, so I took a birthday lunch rain check. Liz left a note and snacks by our back door, which has also become our front door, since we use it way more than the front door- laziness.

I also re-remembered all the wonderful people in my life. I love you. I miss you! You are so special to me. I'm serious. You know who you are. You have babies. You are single. You live in Germany, AK, UT, WA, ID, MO, AZ, WA, OR, VA, CA, TX, Chile. You are beautiful. And so handsome. I'm pretty lucky. Just saying. No, but seriously, I love you people. All of you.

When I got home from work, Charles pretended to have woken up and dropped the ball. Then he made me get the mail. He's so tricky about the mailbox. He always does fancy things through the mailbox. It's a secure place, outside the home, and an unexpected spot to put treasures. Like a chipotle salad for example. We don't have Cafe Rio here, so we make do. It was delicious.

For scouts that night, we had cake. One of the boys had a rash- thankfully it was unrelated. Glad I didn't send anyone into anaphylaxis with my sponge cake. Woot! Birthdays! I also got a letter on the day from my brother in Chile- now that's planning ahead! I have flowers at home and work, and I had a post birthday lunch outing with Michelle and Seth.

Thankfully he didn't fall out of the car- we have fast leg reflexes, and we both had stellar sandwiches. Seth ate dirt. You're a champ Seth. My mom sent me my own baby for my birthday. And a lemon juicer. Thanks Mom and Dad! Love you all! All of you! Love, Merilee

PS. A Christmas Tail.

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Rach said...

Happy happy happiest birthday, Merilee!!!! I cracked up reading about the cyclops on a plate. And that baby doll is way too realistic. but it sounds like you had some lovely birthday celebrations!!!