Thursday, January 8, 2015

Putty Mouth McGee-

Seriously, does that ever happen to you?

I feel like if I ever have the attention of a person I don't know well, or someone I deem to be more important than myself, I get tongue tied. My words float in my mind swamp and won't be fished. I cannot get out a clear sentence and it's totes embarrassing.

I think perhaps it's the stress of saying something clever to someone you think will otherwise make fun of you. Or other times just being star struck.

Boo. I can see it happen as I struggle for a clear sentence of participles dangling behind my teeth. Yet I cannot recall a one and the others creep back into my recesses of thought and lie dormant at least until I no longer have witnesses to prove my witticisms to.

Perhaps that is why I'm so lucky to have Charles. He knows my mechanics and loves my crazy. I don't know why, because sometimes I drive my own self crazy, but he insists he does. When we haven't talked in a while, he'll lead me over to the couch for a quiet heart to heart. I'm just super lucky to have such a nice guy make me dinner and endure absurd movies by my side. Woot.

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