Thursday, February 19, 2015

Katy No-Pocket-

All my lovely friends. I miss you. Believe me, I do. I'm down here in the middle of California, making new friends and thinking a lot about my old friends. Ha, just kidding. You are not old. We're just well established.

Wow, we've had some good times haven't we!? We pranked with syrup, took off doors, and talked about strangers as if we were dating them. Well, just so you know, I've been thinking about you. I know a few people here and there, and I've been thinking about all of them. You know how it is, I'm sure. Perhaps because I live by the ocean. You know about the ocean. So close, and yet I can never get to it.

That seems to be how I am with my friends. With internet, texting, phone calls, and email at my disposal, everyone is so close. Yet I can never get to catching up with you. To me, you are the ocean. I love you, I try not to take you for granted as my friend, and yet it has probably been a long time since we've talked.

I think that's why I'm ok with moving so much, because then I appreciate the wonderful friends I have in the kangaroo pockets of the world. When I say that, I am thinking of Katy Kangaroo, (spoiler) who had lots of pockets at the end of the book, into which she put all of her friends. So if you would all fit in my pockets, I would totes do that. Actually, Deane bought me a jewelry apron like that, so climb on in.

And now, a blast from the google chat past. The reason you should delve into your google chat histories often. Ha. And which of you was sneaking around in my BYU parking lot? Ya weirdo.

friend: so i saw a girl a few nights ago sneaking around your parking lot. So I bet it is the girl who is messing with your car
1:44 PM me: What do you mean sneaking around
  What is love song 311
1:45 PM and there wasn't anything on my car last night
  this morning
 friend: I mean she looked like she was up to no good.
1:46 PM me: Like she had a mask on and a blanket on her back, and some Canadian coins in her hand?
 friend: 311 is the band and love song is one of my favorite songs by them
  This was like three nights ago
1:48 PM Know mask, blanket and she was to far away from me to see if she had canadian coins. But it was like 2 clock and she ducked when I walked by

5 minutes
1:53 PM friend: if she ducked she probably didn't want people to see what she was up to
1:54 PM me: Hmmmm. True
  What did she look like, could you point her out in a ward directory?
1:55 PM friend: she was probably around 5'6-5'9 and blond hair, but it was dark out remember
1:56 PM I wasn't really looking at her because I was tired from studying late at the library
  I probably couldn't point her out in a directory

6 minutes
2:02 PM me: too bad, that would've been very detective of you
2:03 PM friend: yeah it would have been sorry I didn't catch her in the act. Next time I am over at your house I will take a look at your directory just in case I might be able to make her out

5 minutes
2:09 PM friend: Is the person still putting stuff on your car that is a pain in the butt.... to get off

11 minutes
2:20 PM friend: Lets go running tonight

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