Wednesday, February 4, 2015

You get the old bananas, I'll eat the news-

The new bananas, not the newspaper. Gross. You people, such creative minds.

So at our house, I buy the bananas. Charles doesn't eat them raw because in that state they give him a tummy ache. However, he loves the banana bread. Well, the sour cream with chocolate chips bread we make. Anyhow, I make them into smoothies, until they have the measles. Then I make them into bread. You're welcome, bananas.

We went to city hall with the scouts last night. We had 8 boys and a couple helpers. After 30 minutes, we couldn't sit still anymore and headed across the street to the public library. Here are some tips when you head into City Hall for the bi-monthly meetings.

1. Be prepared for a little crazy- there happened to be one man who spoke in riddles of ideals. That's about all I can say, because I have no idea what he was talking about.

2. Don't bring your kids- unless you plan to only stay for 30 minutes. I don't know what they would have done if they'd had to sit through another 30 minutes- perhaps they would have exploded.

3. Actually do bring your kids- it's a super cool experience and I'd never done it before- 31 years. I know, such a long wait.

4. Don't gather your kids outside- by the easily accessible and crazy dangerous wall outside the front doors. They will immediately climb the wall and perhaps a child might try to ease down the high wall as you unsuspectingly walk away. Good thing his mother went and helped him down. He might have broken something. Hypothetically of course.

5. Do shake hands with the mayor- She shook the hands of our scouts, but I was too slow. Oh well, next time.

During our time at the library I felt a bit like a gerbil running around a wheel. A little bit. Our helpers did help with that- I think it's called sheep dogging.

The coolest part was learning about the March 14 Musical party and the book program starting in March for kids. They can read 5 books(?) I think it was 5. Anyway, then they get a coupon for a free In'N'Out burger. Who knew? I didn't know about the Chipotle Bogo the end of January. I would have totes done it. Anyway, get into the spirit of reading, people. I do and look how far my coolness extends.

My review:
Macaroni & Cheese

1. Added: onions, garlic, chipotle cheese, and ham chunks
2. Rating: Super good- 5 stars
3. Time: took about an hour start to finish
4. Quantity: made a whole 13x9 casserole, but we're eating it quickly

Bush rats: the birds I hear scuttling around but almost never see outside my office building. Difficult: the term used for putting large, broken down boxes into the recycle dumpster. Boring: the word used to describe mandatory training videos.

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