Thursday, November 12, 2015

Blood and Ashes- A lesson in standard math

I said that today. It's a curse from the book series Wheel of Time. And I stopped myself in the middle, because I realized I was cursing- kind of.

We go through about 8 bags of coffee here at my work monthly. I buy the bags, make the coffee, and throw away the empty bags. One day, I noticed those bags had star stickers on them and decided to check out the rewards online. If I were not buying those bags of coffee, there would be no reason for me to ever visit the Starbucks website.

Anyhow, today I found out the 15 Starbucks stars I was supposed to receive on my Starbucks rewards card were not awarded because I did not buy, in 2 weeks time, 7 $15 bags of coffee from the Starbucks store. I bought them from Von's grocery store. Do I drink coffee? No. My coworkers drink loads of it however and I buy it for the office. I also happen to love free things. What do I get from Starbucks if someone gives me the choice? A frappuccino from Starbucks- which is pretty much a vanilla milk shake.

I am displeased with you Starbucks. Not only do I have to buy 30 bags of coffee to get any kind of reward, but the "free rewards" I was told I would be receiving were not awarded. Bad form. Now I have to buy another 12 bags of coffee for one $4 reward. To break it down for you, my company spent $630, and I get a free $4 milkshake and no "earned" special rewards. If I'd bought 42 $5 cups of coffee, I could've "earned" those 15 points and spent $210. So, it looks like someone needs to go back to math school, because that makes no sense to me.

Not a good week to mess with me Starbucks- I just started my second period of the month and I'm not feeling so awesome. Blood and bloody ashes.

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Brooke Evans said...

Watch your language, Mat Cauthon.