Thursday, November 12, 2015


Yesterday I clipped my very cool SMS Masterminds metal water bottle with carabiner to my pants. I had never done that before and probably won't do it again.

Reason 1- It is a metal bottle
Reason 2- I sway my hips when I walk
Reason 3- We have glass doors in the office
Reason 4- I am not so careful

With all those reasons combined, I give you my plan for- TADAH- shattered office doors anonymous. Oops.

The door didn't shatter, but it could have. Stan said the doors here are probably way stronger than my metal water bottle and you could punch one and do no damage. I'd like to play it safe and just say "As long as you don't have small children or breakable items anywhere in your vicinity, it is an ok idea to transfer that metal bottle to your belt. Otherwise, don't take any chances.

Also, tonight is the championship softball game for my coed work team. I'm the catcher- because I can throw, but I can't catch. However, I have figured out when to hit the ball. So there it is. Now you know my strengths and weaknesses. At least those in softball.

Thank you my dear readers for reading. If you are looking for more things to read or want to learn more about what's going on with my husband Charles and me, here is a link to pass along:

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Rachel said...

Mer, I had no idea what you've been going through (which makes sense as I've been bad at keeping in touch other than reading your bloggity bad) but my heart is aching for you. One of my dearest friends here just had a failed round of IVF and there really is no good thing to say in consolation. So I'll just stick with this: You and Charles are in my thoughts and prayers, I really love you guys <3