Thursday, November 19, 2015

Old Hat

"Just pinch it between your two fingers like this"- Getting body ready for baby: IVF 101.

Finding out that you have to inject yourself every day for a month is kind of terrifying. I'll be honest, some days it is easier than other days. I'm grateful that I do not have to do that for the rest of my life as some people do- like those with diabetes. My friends who have to do it every day, I feel for you and am terribly sorry.

Fun fact: As your body figures out it is being punctured by foreign objects regularly, it actually begins to toughen and becomes more resistant to needle punctures. Translation: You have to push harder to get the needle into your body. To slow this process, they tell you to alternate sides. I noticed this toughening of my skin within the first week. Not cool, every changing body. Not cool.

After two weeks of injecting myself in the gut, Charles then had to inject me, for two weeks with a horse needle, into the cheek of my butt. So that is something to look forward to again. Woot woot.

To help me cope, Charles ingeniously thought up a prize program for me. Every day, after receiving an injection, he would give me my surprise. It was nice to get a prize for such a miserable daily occurrence. If you need prize ideas, here are a couple:

A fancy owl cup
See's Candy
Jamba Juice
A shopping bag with my face emblazoned on it

The man's sweet. Since we're total cheapskates at our house, he used gift certificates we already had for half of the items and individual chocolates on the other days. It was so nice. I loved my sweet presents. I felt bad for him that he didn't get treats, but he said it wouldn't be fair if he got treats since he wasn't getting injections every day. Good point. Ha ha, get it. I said.. never mind.

This is a picture of the bruise on my belly button after the egg harvest. How did I get it? No idea.

Now that I'm old hat at stabbing myself, I didn't think I would be getting prizes anymore. Yesterday, when I got home, somebody at home told me to close my eyes and open my mouth. Thanks for the See's candy, Charles. It's nice to get treats, even when you're old hat.

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Amanda Petersen said...

My sweet Mer! I'm thinking of you and praying like crazy! I can totally relate...because of my two miscarriages I now have to do shots myself the stomach as entire pregnancy. I'm on month 7....three more...wahoo! I totally understand the emotional and physical strain...I also have ROCKIN' calluses on either side of my belly button:) I feel your pain and I am praying SO HARD that your injections are successful. I sure love you and have been thinking of you almost daily! Prayers for success! Love you dear friend!