Monday, January 12, 2009

Soft socks-

I like when my socks are soft. It's a tender foot feeling and I like the barrier between foot and floor. I also like lasagna, movies, and books. AND MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW!

Isn't that yippee hooray news? I'm going to be 25 and then surely will be on the fast track to success. While we are all contemplating this, let me add some comments about my current living.

I haven't been doing much lately. I have talked to quite a few people on the phone, went to dinner with some great friends Friday night, and saw my boyfriend twice last week. On one occasion we played Scrabble and found out foist is a word- I'm kind of a cheap scrabble player. If it sounds like a word I try it, then we look it up. I still love the game, but sometimes it's difficult to find valid words.

Church was great. It was my first Sunday in the new ward. I knew some people already and got my photo taken for the ward menu. However, I do have a retarded eye reflex that won't let my eyes stay open for pictures. Every single picture taken-there were 5- has me standing in the same position with my eyes closed. Lame sewer.

Also, I started writing nice notes in my ward. I love writing those. I personally call them love notes, as they are penned by secret admirers in the ward and handed out amongst friends. I like writing out poetic nonsense and signing them with exotic names. Sometimes exotic names slip through and my roomies get love notes from romantical people named Gordon. Hey, nobody's perfect and even my imaginings fall short at times.

What I would like to see happening is a greater circumstance of love letters being passed around. Then people would be wondering who sent them instead of pawning them off on me and it would lead to greater intrigue in the ward. I love a good intrigue. Who doesn't?

Besides that, nothing. I don't have a job yet and stories aren't nearly as exciting when you only have one boy to write about. As it is, I make enough drama for both of us. Ask Jeff about the time he left his phone charger in Provo and I sent him 10 texts and called him incessantly. That was fun. Boo. I don't know why I worry so. All is well in Provo.

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heidi said...

dear merilee,
i like you. your blog is nice too. i would like a note signed by gordon. my blog has been boring lately, but i will try and spruce things up and do something interesting one of these days. thanks for reading.
the end.
ps- my word verification word is imatater
how awesome is that?