Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Your mom-

Well, yeah. I guess you should ask your mom about all that stuff. I know, I don't make any sense at all. Back on track, my vacation was a friggin masterpiece.

Meaning I saw most of the people I wanted to see, sorry Megan, and had lots of family time. It was also amazing weather a couple days and I enjoyed that. Utah has been getting dumped on lately. However, it's ok b/c at least then it doesn't fluxuate weather patters so much, b/c that might be why I got sick the whole break.

I had the flu and like 4 colds. I lost my voice- AGAIN- and it was frustrating for me b/c I'm a talker. I talk a lot. You know that. Therefore, I am glad to say my raspy voice is back again and now I can at least talk to people on the phone, which I couldn't do before.

I also moved into my new apartment yesterday. I like my roomies a lot. I need to stash my boxes and find a place to put my food- I also need to get food. I need a job. I need to get my car fixed.

The water pump went out on the trip back from MO and luckily is covered by my warranty. I am glad to hear that it has saved me some money. I paid $1000 for it when I got the car and have since used it to pay for my water pump- saved $220 on that and maybe some other stuff I'm mailing into them today. Based on my findings, I would say it wasn't worth it to buy the warranty, b/c usually you pay less for the cost of damages. I'll let you know my feelings on it in another year when it expires. I hope everything bad happens before the warranty expires. I know that is how it usually works. ;)

Also, on the drive home from MO my little brother drove off the offramp b/c it came upon him suddenly and he was going 70 mph- the exit suggested 20 mph. We flew into the grassy knoll and luckily didn't hit anything thanks to Canute's presence of mind. We got back onto the hwy ok. He also got a $90 ticket for going 11 mph over the speed limit but we think that's excessive. It was one of those 65-55-45-35 places on the road. He didn't coast down fast enough the police woman said. Boo to her.

So besides that I don't have much news. I just played 6 games of Yahtzee with Jeff yesterday and he bested me on four of the games. He deserved it. He's been losing a lot lately. Heh.

I also found out Jeff's been checking my blog. So yeah, I got embarrasssed about it, but it was truly a new idea to me. That's why there hasn't been as much about Jeff- b/c now I feel sheepish about writing about him. Maybe I'll make up a new blog and post about him on there. Hah. J/k.

The Jeff news is he's amazing. He loved when my voice was gone and I couldn't talk to him on the phone. He thought it was hilarious and one day I will pay him back for the humiliating things he said to me- like calling me croakie and throwing darts at that life sized poster of me.

He's in Las Vegas for the next 3 days for work and he's going to be in Cancun for 3 days after that. He said he will be back for the last 4 hours of my birthday, so that could be interesting. We shall see. I will be turning 25 in two weeks. I'm pretty weirded out about that. Happy New Year! My resolution is get an enjoyable job and exercise more.

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Sarah Gessel said...

Hey croakie,
How's it going? I'm glad you got your voice back. Have fun in the UT.