Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I know I always say I'm in fights with people. Sometimes I do actually get in fights with people, though not often. I think of myself as a pretty reasonable person, but sometimes I get overwhelmed with frustration and the real fights happen.

Today I went to the Sundance film festival with Jeff. Neither of us had ever been to see any of the Park City movies during a festival and we thought it would be a great experience. On the way up, Jeff wouldn't put on his seatbelt. Since he did not care to wear his seatbelt, I did not care to talk with him. This was a stubborn thing to do, but wearing your seatbelt is important. Everyone knows that.

At the end of our journey, I finally convinced Jeff to put on his seatbelt. This means I strapped him in myself with him resisting like any four year old full of candy. We drove to Park City and parked about 6 mi away. We took the shuttle downtown and ate some delicious bbq chicken pizza, we watched a movie called Paper Hearts, and then we got in a fight.

We rode about 4 buses to get to our car, but in the third bus we saw some Asian people. A truly stereotypical thing was said and I told him it wasn't funny. Then he said something else, I told him if he wanted to learn Chinese, he should learn it, but imitation Chinese isn't funny. Especially since half the Asian people in America don't speak Chinese.

I then ignored him, during which time he took it upon himself to say something else truly stereotypical. I told him it was an ignorant thing to say and we got off the bus. It clearly bothered him I had said those things to him, but he wouldn't talk to me about how he felt. He did find the time to roll his eyes at me and give me the silent treatment. I told him I wasn't his Mom and we needed to talk about the situation since it was important to me and he wouldn't say anything.

On the next bus we stood separately and on the hour long ride home he wouldn't talk to me. I am sad he won't talk to me about important things and sad his feelings were hurt. Dang Gina, I don't like having to bring up awkward things like that, but I don't think stereotypes are funny.

Well, I guess I'm going to Institute by myself tomorrow. He went last week because he liked me, but I'm pretty sure he still won't like me tomorrow. Maybe he and the boys will get together instead and talk in Iranian accents and laugh about how weird foreign people are. I love when we all get together and make fun of other cultures. It's so funny.


TPlayer said...

I have a thing or two to say..First of all, I've met you, Jeff..yes YOU! (Because I know you are reading this) and honestly I hope I don't meet you any time soon because I will seriously sock you right in the stomach. Shame on you for making sterotypical comments about foreigners! Seriously? Who are you? Have you ever been anywhere else? As for Chinese people.. I want to seriously kick you right now. I'll have you know that my brother served his mission in Hong Kong, and guess what-pretty sure he found reasons to love the people. In fact, he married one. She's wonderful, and amazing, and yes sometimes her English isn't perfect, but I bet yours isn't either.

As for not wearing your seatbelt... you're stupid. I would just leave it at that but #1 a seatbelt saved my life and #2 I actualy went on a date with a guy in my ward this past weekend who at the age of 17 was too cool to wer his seat belt. He was thrown from the car, suffered a head injury and now has severe brain damage because of it. He doesn't remember his life before the accident. He is a happy person and lives life to its fullest, that's for sure. The only thing he says he wishes were different was that he wishes he had worn his seat belt.

And as for you, Merilee....go ahead and delete my rant. It's fine. I won't be offended, but I am #1 proud of you for being stubborn. There are some things worth being a brat about, and #2 If he doesn't recognize that both of these things upsetting you are directed related to the fact that you CARE about other people, including his safety...then he is selfish and you deserve better. THE END

Sarah Gessel said...

Sorry that you're in a fight. But getting over fights is part of relationships. If you two actually broke up over this I would think that you were both too immature for a committed relationship.

Kristie said...

Mer, I hope things work out. Give it time to cool off and then talk again. Who knows, maybe he was having a rough day. I love you girl!