Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Grandma Enid died yesterday afternoon-

I'd like to blog a second about my grandma. I'll be honest, if I hadn't just read my sister's blog it wouldn't have occurrred to me, but it's a great idea, so I'm going to copy her.

Grandma Enid, my namesake. She always made me happy to see her. I remember her stories because she told them often. My favorites were the stories of her and my Grandpa Neal Peterson. He would tease her about the towel rack falling off the wall, just so she'd get mad.

She always thought it was so weird he dipped eggs in ketchup and put syrup on pancakes. Grandma was always giving me man advice. She often suggested I change my man tactics to exclude making them food and to give them attention, but never too much attention.

Grandma Enid was always full of advice and wisdom. Her house, spotless, was always fun to visit. She would always give you something strange to eat and an adventure was never far behind.

I remember eating outside and riding the turtles. Walking through Grandma's ornamental back yard always fascinated me. It seemed to have such magic just around the corner. I remember the day I found out they had a basement for food storage. It blew my mind.

Grandma loved her movies. She loved some great ones and we would watch them all the time together. She had some great chick flicks and they all reflected her man advice. My roomies enjoyed my Grandma stories. I told them everything she told me, she had some good ones. She once told me men don't like shooting the standing deer. They want to bag the running deer. Well, she used a little bit different lingo, but it boils down to that.

Grandma Enid was always interested in hearing my boy stories. She often told me I wasn't to settle for anyone. I was to go for the gold. Grandma Peterson, I love you. We're going to miss you and your testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Grandma, Sarah didn't eat all her ketchup spaghetti, she put half of hers onto Bonnie's plate. I am blessed to be named after you! Love, Merilee Enid

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