Saturday, August 15, 2009

Incessant Juneau Rain

Excitement galore…I’ve got a bit going on right now. I don’t think I’ve mentioned my recent experiences. Nick is a boy I’ve been playing checkers and studying Spanish with. We go running sometimes, not recently, and he’s wonderful. I told him I liked him and he told me my impatience would never pay off.

Last week I was studying Spanish with Nick and he put his hand on my hand. I know, I’m like a seventh grader. I was looking for a verb and he picked up my hand. I couldn’t concentrate on what I was looking for because my mind was racing. Then he told me I had dirty fingernails. So I wondered whether he was holding my hand or just commenting on my hygiene.

Eventually, I looked up and we seemed to be having a moment. I destroyed the moment by heading off to the bathroom. I felt uncomfortable and wasn’t sure what to do. When I came back, the boy asked me why I run. Why do you think I run away, with mixed signals like that?

Then he told me not to run. Well guess what, I’ll run if I want.
Wednesday we went to the beach. At 70 degrees, Juneau had a perfect day to study Spanish. We talked about our dating lives, somehow we got onto the topic of the handhold last week, and he told me he was holding my hand. Then I asked if he was ever going to kiss me. He then told me why we could never date: we work together, we live together, and those are two terrible no no’s in the dating game.

Listen Nick, it’s unsporting of you to throw rocks at my house when you’ve just helped me tear down the walls around the outside. Crapface. I’m pretty frustrated. We talked the other day about compromising. Like we could hold hands when nobody else is around or we could date but not kiss ever.

I’ll let you know what happens. I mean, either way it’s a compromise, but at least I won’t be completely straightjacketed this summer. Meh, I’m going on a mission, but canteen fillers..I need to get me some of those. A year and a half is a long time.

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TPlayer said...

Please tell me that Nick reads this and there is at least a small part of him that realizes to what extent guys are idiots! This is a perfect example of why our lives, as women, are so conplicated when it comes to the dating game. It's just that...a game! (And no ones rules ever seem to be the same). Mer-you deserve someone who can't keep their hands off of you (and I mean that in the most morally appropriate way). I say keep it to spanish & checkers, and frolic elsewhere. But then again, what do I know?! I'm the one who's old and still single. oh well (better than unhappily hitched)