Friday, August 21, 2009

Canopy adventure-

Just in- that boy Nick finally kissed me. Well, it happened Tuesday, but since I'm a slow twit, it hasn't come out until now. Tiffanie, I agree. The boy shouldn't have been able to resist me, but he has the "patience of a saint". Therefore, it took a little while.

After work, we tried planning something. Dave from work came over to where we were standing and asked if Nick wanted to go with the guys and play pool at 9. Nick said he might like that and looked over at me. When he asked if I would like to play pool, I rolled my eyes...since I'm a bad sport and was getting anxious about my canteen.

Then I said the chances of me wanting to play pool were small. He said alright. On the ride home I said he could go play with the boys if he wanted to and I'd just watch a movie by myself at home. Boys are so great. Either way I was starving and we went home. I ate, took a shower, he ate, took a shower and 2 hours later I was still lounging around, waiting to hear the plan.

Nick refused to watch a movie in the living room, because he didn't want everyone we work with making fun of us. Understandable. So yes, I'm a sinner, we watched a movie in his room. I didn't think he'd ever kiss me, slow as he is. First thing he did was pull me over. Mmm hmm. Then he kissed me a little later. I enjoyed it. He waited a while, since I've got a nasty cold. He kept kissing me on the cheek and saying how shameful it was I had a cold. Teasing bugger. Finally he did. It was nice.

I am grateful, but I would have understood if he hadn't, since my cold really is grotesque. I asked if he wasn't afraid to get it. He said he'd eat himself healthy. Then he got it two days later. Sucker. So I feel kind of guilty, but glad his ridiculous theory was proven false. Eat healthy enough to not get my cold, pah.

I do think we should probably hike more and watch less movies. I also think Juneau should be less rainy. We had a company softball game yesterday and the other team had too few players. I was put on the opposing team with a couple other people from ACT and we had a good sport. I'm terrible at catching softballs, but pretty good at throwing. I had a good catch, a couple almost catches, etc. I should go on a run later, but I work tonight, so it probably won't happen.

Everyone went to Icy Strait today, but I had to work and didn't have enough time to get a replacement. They're going to see calving glaciers. I'm super jealous. Instead I made some delectable rolls and watched Finding Jane and Willow.

Summing up my week, I'd say it was delicious. And his arms are huge. Mmm hmmm.


Barry Cann said...

Awesome story! Love your writing style!

Oh, and your music just scared the $#!% out of me!

TPlayer said...

Thanks for the shout out..wasn't sure if it was me you were talking to at first. Glad you got your wish...I need to learn some of your little tricks missy!

Kristie said...

Ooh la la.