Saturday, August 29, 2009


Misty fjords would be so jealous of our mists outside today. I can't even imagine how the mists cling to us on a daily basis. Wow. It's hard to get outside and do stuff when it's such a craphole out there. I may decide to make a baked good or something later today.

This week was a good week. My sister had a baby this week. She had a little boy named Luke Gregory Gessel. He's 8.1 lbs and 20 inches long. That's a baby! She also had a C-section unfortunately. She wasn't progressing, so they had to cut her up. The only thing she wanted was a killer scar. She got it, woot!

Let's see. I worked quite a bit this week, but not 80 hours. Probably about 60 hours. Not too shabby. I also am getting over this sick cold I had for a couple weeks. It was killer and nasty. Blech. Lots of mucus. Must be a product of our great weather.

We also had an ugly sweater party. Apparently my sweater wasn't ugly enough. I thought it was pretty ugly in the store, but nobody said good job, it's ugly. I'll post some pictures soon. You can judge for yourself. And this is a picture of the bulletin board I did at the church.

I got a haircut yesterday. Lots of layers. I guess I could probably put some pictures up of that too, it's similar. I mean yeah, my hair's still long. I got more layers around my face though. So that will be good for my face, who needs more friends as you know.

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Kristie said...

post hair pictures!!! I need inspiration Mer!